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KKK Recruiting Message: ‘America May Soon Be in Nuclear War to Protect the Satanic State of Israel’

Last week, residents of Rhome, Texas woke up to find Klan fliers on their lawns and front porches.

The fliers featured the slogan “The KKK wants you” along with calls for white America to wake-up to ‘problem’ of illegal immigration in their community and join the Klan in their fight.

“Oh yeah, I was repulsed,” local resident Sally Fowler said. “It’s offensive; it’s shocking. You don’t want that stuff in your neighborhood.”

Capt. Kevin Benton of the sheriff’s department said that kind of bigotry was best left in the past.  “You wish it was something from the past, that you’d hope everyone had gotten beyond that,” he said, adding, “We do not need that type of problem in Wise County, Texas.”

The flier also featured a phone number for potential recruits to listen to a pre-recorded message. When dialed, the message made no mention of the ‘immigrant threat’ featured on the fliers, but did treat listeners to a hate-filled rant that blamed the Jews and the terrorist American government for “protecting the satanic state of Israel,” at the cost of white American lives.

Calling themselves “the largest Klan in America,” the White Knights warned that the U.S. government under Obama is “just like al-Qaeda” and is using taxpayer money to fund “terrorist acts in the Ukraine” in order to place a “puppet government” in the Ukraine which will somehow act to protect “the Satanic state of Israel.”

The Jews, the message further warns potential Klansmen, are manipulating America’s response behind the scenes, especially the “Jew b*tch Victoria Nuland,” the Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs at the United States Department of State who the tape says, “sticks her nose into foreign affairs, but only if it benefits the Satanic state of Israel.”

All of this, the White Knights conclude, may lead to a nuclear war if Russia becomes involved and “more American blood might just be shed just to protect the evil Jews,” even more reason to join up with the hooded brigade before disaster strikes.

Photo Credit: Screenshot/WFAA

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