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Barbwire: ‘Bill Maher Should Be Publicly Whipped for Blasphemy’

In a recent blog on the ultra-conservative site Barbwire, Canadian conservative activist Tristan Emmanuel is calling for the reinstatement of public whipping to combat blasphemers like Bill Maher and to save America from its precarious position dangling “by a thin thread of long-suffering divine justice.”

Emmanuel admitted that many evangelical Christians will disagree with his plan to seek vengeance on those who speak against God and encourage him to turn the other cheek.

“They’ll accuse me of haughtiness, arrogance, and having an ‘unloving spirit,'” he wrote. “But I’m none of those things.”

He stressed he will not be dissuaded by some Christians unwillingness to act to protect God’s name; he is on a mission to save America from God’s wrath.

“Christians may falsely think they are demonstrating Christlike love by remaining quiet in the face of profligate profanity,” he said in his fiery blog. “But mark my word, a day of reckoning is coming.”

That judgement day, he insisted, can only be thwarted if America realizes it is a nation under God and stops hiding behind the First Amendment to protect blasphemers.

“Slander the ultimate authority of a nation — God — and you ridicule the very foundation of its laws, values, public institutions and leadership,” Emmanuel demanded, pointing out that Maher’s recent anti-God rant would have, at one time, landed him a much deserved public whipping.

“He [Maher]  may have protection under the First Amendment to say whatever slanderous thing that comes out of his toilet bowl brain, but that does not mean Christians should turn the other cheek,” Emmanuel wrote, insisting that a return to blasphemy laws is the only way to get atheists and slanderers like Maher to shut up and save America. “If we are unwilling to hold blasphemers accountable, the almighty judge of the world will.”

Photo Credit: Angela George

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