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Geraldo Rivera’s Surefire Way to Spot Corrupt Democrats: ‘They Tend to Be Ethnic’

The liberal media works hard to protect corrupt Democrats, according to Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera. Yet while the mainstream media may fail to label liberals on the take, the host of Geraldo at Large said he had surefire way of knowing which Democrats might be into crime.

“Usually, the politicians who are robbing on the Democratic side tend to be ethnic politicians,” Rivera said on Friday’s Fox & Friends during a segment on scandals and Democratic leaders.

Pointing out the recent arrests of California state Sen. Leland Yee (D-San Francisco) and Mayor Patrick Cannon of Charlotte, N.C., Rivera claimed the liberal media had purposely failed to mention they were both Democrats and minorities.

“You know, the Asians, the Chinatown guys taking money from the Chinatown boss in San Francisco, the black mayor of Charlotte, you know, so there’s another politically correct reason to step over their real identification as Democrats, there’s no doubt and it is undeniable,” he said.

He linked this alleged Democratic protection plot to a larger conspiracy among the media to downplay Democratic misdeeds while focusing on the sins of Republican party.

“There is an instinct among the liberal, probably mostly Democratic mainstream media, to portray Republicans as hypocrites,” Rivera told the Fox & Friends audience. “Anytime they sway from the churchgoing, family-loving, you know, U.S. of A. boostering, they get skewered by the liberal in the press, where Democrats they tend to avoid the party label.”

He added that the fact the liberal media is unfairly labeling Republicans while protecting their Democratic friends and not mentioning their party affiliation or ethnicity is “provable, nobody can realistically deny it.”

He concluded that the only way to truly make sure that Democrats, especially the more crime-prone ‘ethnic’ ones, are properly labeled and called out for their crimes is to tune into Fox News.

“That’s right, we are the antidote to that particular problem,” Rivera said.

Photo Credit: Screenshot/Fox News

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  • Diane Rhodes

    How is this idiot still on the air?

  • Bill_thompson95

    One of his biggest asshole statements in a long career of being a professional asshole

  • 2Smart2bGOP

    And all the Republicans on the take are old, white men….

  • nelsonhead

    You should know better- They work for FOX which by the way is OWNED BY THE SAUDIS. You can’t expect any truth from them

  • Kathy Davisson Ivnik

    I’m sure Elijah Cummings will be happy to hear that this Fox News idiot has determined he’s corrupt, since he’s an “ethnic politician”. Wonder why they didn’t talk about Darrell Issa’s heavy-handed attempt at shutting Congressman Cummings up at a recent committee meeting last month. Every other news outlet showed that clip, but Faux “News” blamed Cummings for it, and then moved on. All they seem to want to talk about is Benghazi, even though that “scandal” has been proven a big hoax, along with all the other “scandals” they bring up over and over again. Only stupid, easily bamboozled sheeple believe anything they hear on that yellow press entertainment channel.