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Payback! Glenn Beck Being Sued by Muslim Student He Falsely Blamed for Boston Marathon Bombing

Right-wing radio host and former Fox News host Glenn Beck is being sued by the 20-year-old Muslim man he put in the center of his bizarre Boston marathon bombing plot in the days following the tragic attack.

Abdulrahman Alharbi, a student, was merely watching the race when the explosion  went off near the end of the race injuring him. Like others in and around the scene, he was questioned by federal authorities in the days following his attack and, with his permission, the FBI searched his home, clearing him from any participation.

This led to a report in The Blaze erroneously saying that Alharbi was set to be deported from country due to his involvement in the bombins, a charge categorically denied by the INS at the time.

The Blaze’s  deportation claim, though,  turned out to be all the fodder needed by Beck to concoct a convoluted conspiracy theory that cast Alharbi as the ‘money man’ at the center of a multinational plot that involved Saudi Arabia, Obama and the so-called Muslim Brotherhood, as well as the two Chechen brothers ultimately charged in the case.

At the time, Beck told his listeners that his Boston Marathon bombing plot “is so far beyond Benghazi” that it is criminal and demanded that Alharbi’s failed deportation was proof that the Saudis were the true bombing masterminds.

Alharbi, who has no criminal record and was never the subject of deportation, said that Beck’s false claims were not only disruptive to his life and reputation, but they made him a target for death threats by people who believed Beck’s baseless accusations that he was a murderer, child killer and terrorist.

Now, according to a complaint filed this week in federal court, Alharbi has decided Beck should pay-up for his on-air lies.

“The defendant Glenn Beck, with the active participation of the distributor defendants, repeatedly and falsely identified Mr. Alharbi as an active participant in the crimes that were committed on April 15, 2013, repeatedly questioned the motives of federal officials in failing to pursue or detain Mr. Alharbi and repeatedly and falsely accused Mr. Alharbi of being a criminal who had funded the attacks that took place at the Boston Marathon,” the complaint reads, adding,”Those statements were made widely and publicly. The statements were false and did grave injury to the plaintiff.”

Alharbi is seeking punitive damages for defamation with malice against Beck. A court date has not yet been set.

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