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Right-Wing Anti-Feminism: Truly Liberated Women Know Men are In Charge

From the author of a primer on how to enjoy a simple life without the dangers of “going green,” comes sage advice intended for every woman-“Life the live feminists hate.”

In a recent blog published on WMD, Patrice Springer laid out how progressives and feminists have hurt the American family by demanding equal rights and why traditional marriage, with a man at the head of the household, has been what God has intended all along.

“In today’s world marinated with progressive morals and ideals, it’s tantamount to heresy for a woman to freely admit that her husband heads the household. But let’s face it: It makes life easier for both my husband and me,” she wrote mocking the scandal she would create by announcing such a ‘truth’ among liberal, feminist company.

She then reminded her readers, in case anyone had forgotten, that man and women are biologically different, which she further surmised must mean God intended them for different work.

“I like to think that God in His divine wisdom came up with the spiffy concept of a division of labor for the sake of efficiency,” she said. “Divisions of labor are utilized the world over in the workplace to increase efficiency. Why not try it at home as well?”

She added that men also understand their roles to be different from their wives. “Men know this very well, because they are the slayers of dragons and our knights in shining armor whose efforts permit us to create those homes [where women can be the heart but not the head].”

Yet, while Springer paints a picture of traditional marital bliss and peace resulting from assuming traditional roles, the truth is often much less rosy, or at least according to a recent report by the Council on Contemporary Families.

The study found that among evangelicals, most who subscribed to traditional ideas of family roles, the divorce rate was actually higher than those who were married and did not use religion to define their marital roles at all.

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