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GOP Lawmaker Calls Elderly Constituent ‘Intellectually Lazy’ for Not Agreeing with Him on Medicaid

A leading Virginia lawmaker recently sent a ranting e-mail calling an elderly constituent “intellectually lazy” after she penned him a note opposing his views on Medicaid.

Republican Tag Greason, who also told the senior that her liberal views were to blame for sparking his ire, now admits that his testy e-mail may have gone too far.

It all began when Susan Merk wrote the three-time GOP delegate and chief budget negotiator urging him to reconsider his position on Medicaid in the Virginia budget.

“This reply is pitiful,” Merk told Greason about his staunch views on Medicaid.  “It’s nothing but partisan rhetoric, false accusations and invalid excuses.”

Greason, who has been outspoken in his opposition to Medicaid,  took offense at Merk’s remarks and shot back his own e-mail criticizing the elderly woman for not seeing things his way.

“Pitiful because I am willing to enter a dialogue with you?” Greason demanded.  “All you liberals are the same. As soon as someone doesn’t agree with you, you shut down communication, call the other side names, take your ball and go home.”

He then encouraged the senior not to write him back until ironically she was willing to stop the insults and have a civil conversation. “How intellectually lazy are you? You are the problem,” Greason wrote. “If you are not willing to have a civil discussion, please do not write me again. It is a waste of my time.”

Merk said she was shocked when she found the enraged rant in her in-box from an elected official.

“I shouldn’t write to him again because I am wasting his time?” Merk told the local paper. “How many emails do you think he gets per day from people who disagree with him just like I did? It’s his job to listen to the people he represents.”

For his part, Greason admits now that ranting at a senior citizen expressing her views was probably not the best course of action and said it was because he cares so much that he went too far.

“I must have been having a very bad day,” Greason said. “When one is passionate about his or her role, he can get carried away.”

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  • Regina Arrendell

    Just another hateful, entitled conservative. And with a nickname like Tag he sounds like one of Sarah Palin’s newphews. LOL

  • Christine Schultz Spencer

    The name of the game is civility. You are representing all your fellow citizens, not just those who agree with you. There is no excuse for bad manners. Didn’t your mama teach you any better?

    • Aimee Robinson

      He has not respect for her as a elder at all……that’s the first ethical or moral insight I gave my sons!!! My sons learned to respect other people and your elders at a very young age.

  • diablodejalisco

    i dont think republicans even know why they are against obamacare. except the koch bros. told them to be.

    • Aaron Robinson

      because obama is for it
      and their self proclaimed mission since 2008 has been to fight obama on every issue on every stane in any way possible. In 2010 all the incoming freshman repulicans vowed on world wide television that they would NEVER WORK OR AGREE WITH OBAMA. i saw 12 of them myself say this from their own lips.

      • Dewenda Cooper

        Aaron so did i, before they even knew his agenda.

      • Aimee Robinson

        exactly what I have been thinking this whole time…

    • swimmer

      And he’s black

      • Carol Dale

        Just because he is Black, they forget half of him is white. In Texas they no platform, every GOP running is only against Obama ‘
        It’s only commercial that they are against Obama! So sad!

        • Aimee Robinson

          Texas can kiss my ass….Its BUSHland thats why….

    • liberalinlove

      The Koch brothers are against anything that would cost them and help someone else. Anything from health care, medicare, social security, minimum wage, EPA standards, labor laws, OSHA laws.

      Pretty much what they ask of any Republican politician because stealing their money to give to others is wrong!

  • Cindy Kaes Neal

    Every day that he gets up and goes to work,is a bad day for his constituents.

  • Ginny

    He “cares so much”? Give me a break. This guy has ice water in his veins.

  • 2Smart2bGOP

    Seriously, I’m more surprised when they act like intelligent human beings rather than ignorant asses.

  • Martha Lacy

    Busted and exposed for the jerk he is. Now presents lame excuses. Unacceptable!

  • Carol Dale

    No, he didn’t care. If he cares he would expanded Medicare. He just mad because she wanted fairness. He’s not trying be fair and you’re stupid if you don’t agree with him negelecting senior citizens.
    These Conservitive lawmaker know they screwing the taxpayer over and get offend when we recognize it, and call,them on it.
    He.’s a lier saying he as only upset because he cares. Run him out of office!

  • Carol Dale

    How can you care from someone and withhold Health Insurance from them. Tag has insurance, so does his family!

  • Harry Barr

    As an elderly citizen (65) I’d be in his office and show him how intellectually lazy I am.

  • Patricia de la Bretonne

    totally unacceptable!!

  • jchastn

    Typical GOP jerk. They oppose President Obama no matter what. If President Obama came out in favor of Oxygen, the GOP would asphyxiate

    • Evelyn Radford

      Jchastn let’s pray he does!

  • Serendipity

    Maybe she and many like her will be too physically lazy to cast their vote for him in November.

  • Kathi Geukes

    Ok…I’m gonna ask again…who in this whole wide world names their child Tag?? Besides moronic people who think that they own the world?? This moron doesn’t like getting what he’s giving…I don’t understand how people like this get into office to begin with, unless they’ve totally lied to the people they’re supposedly serving…..kick his hiney to the curb and let him live off of his trust fund!!!!

  • sysprog

    Another twelve year old unable to have a discussion on policy differences. Instead, someone ELSE is to blame and not as ‘smart’ as he is.

  • Carol Dale

    The Koch brothers have give them a script to follow. And when we as the citizens disagree, they are thrown off. Paul presented the budget that the Koch brother gave him. He couldn’t even look people in the face. Then they go say, Urban men are being lazy. No people in any other part of the country is lazy.

    The GOP is selling their souls to the KOCH brothers and the guys in Vegas!

  • LyndaLBD

    Greason is Passionate?? He called an elderly woman intellectually lazy because she doesn’t agree with him. He is intellectually empty-headed for even saying such things. He insulted so many times, in that one email, that he needs to get down on his knees and apologizing for being rude and entirely disrespectful of an elderly woman who most likely worked most of her life, raising her family and caring for her husband in the worst possible conditions ever. How dare he insult a constituent!

  • Leota Scott

    He’s in office he has no need to be nice to her until an election. That is what repugs do. He has no respect for voters/women/seniors.

  • Leota Scott

    He’s sure seniors will vote for him no matter how he treats them, so why bother to play nice?