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GOP Lawmaker Calls Elderly Constituent ‘Intellectually Lazy’ for Not Agreeing with Him on Medicaid

A leading Virginia lawmaker recently sent a ranting e-mail calling an elderly constituent “intellectually lazy” after she penned him a note opposing his views on Medicaid.

Republican Tag Greason, who also told the senior that her liberal views were to blame for sparking his ire, now admits that his testy e-mail may have gone too far.

It all began when Susan Merk wrote the three-time GOP delegate and chief budget negotiator urging him to reconsider his position on Medicaid in the Virginia budget.

“This reply is pitiful,” Merk told Greason about his staunch views on Medicaid.  “It’s nothing but partisan rhetoric, false accusations and invalid excuses.”

Greason, who has been outspoken in his opposition to Medicaid,  took offense at Merk’s remarks and shot back his own e-mail criticizing the elderly woman for not seeing things his way.

“Pitiful because I am willing to enter a dialogue with you?” Greason demanded.  “All you liberals are the same. As soon as someone doesn’t agree with you, you shut down communication, call the other side names, take your ball and go home.”

He then encouraged the senior not to write him back until ironically she was willing to stop the insults and have a civil conversation. “How intellectually lazy are you? You are the problem,” Greason wrote. “If you are not willing to have a civil discussion, please do not write me again. It is a waste of my time.”

Merk said she was shocked when she found the enraged rant in her in-box from an elected official.

“I shouldn’t write to him again because I am wasting his time?” Merk told the local paper. “How many emails do you think he gets per day from people who disagree with him just like I did? It’s his job to listen to the people he represents.”

For his part, Greason admits now that ranting at a senior citizen expressing her views was probably not the best course of action and said it was because he cares so much that he went too far.

“I must have been having a very bad day,” Greason said. “When one is passionate about his or her role, he can get carried away.”

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