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GOP’s Gohmert: ‘Separation of Church and State Really Means Churches Should Play a Role in the State’

Texas Republican Louis Gohmert recently tried to rewrite American history when he declared that the separation of church and state really meant that the state could not interfere with churches, but not the other way around.

In an ad filmed for World Net Daily and aired on March 31, Gohmert demanded that since at one time legislators met in the same place they gathered on Sundays to pray then it must be concluded that church was always intended to play a role in the matters of state.

National Statuary Hall, he pointed out as proof of his claims, was once used both as a meeting place for lawmakers and a house of Christian worship.

“On Sundays this became the largest non-denominational Christian church in the Washington, D.C. area,” he explained. “People came in here and prayed, they sang hymns, they worshipped God. It was part of our history.”

He added that even Thomas Jefferson, the lawmaker that coined the phrase ‘separation of church and state,’ attended the church. Based on that fact, Gohmert concluded that Jefferson never meant that churches should stay out of the affairs of the state.

“It was to be a one-way wall, where the state would not dictate to the church,” Gohmert stressed. “But the church would certainly play a role in the state.”

He then bemoaned the fact that this ‘true’ story of separation of church and state is “little different idea than a lot of people have about separation of church and state now.”

Unfortunately, Gohmert’s version is also a little different from the interpretation of the US Supreme Court on the matter, which has repeatedly affirmed  through decisions of the highest court that the wall, is indeed, two-way and intended to prevent church interference in lawmaking.

Gohmert, of course, has a reason why the Supreme Court has been wrong all along. A lot of lawmakers simply are not aware of what Jefferson really meant, he said during the promo spot,  “including some of our esteemed Supreme Court, who are not quite as familiar with our history as they probably should be.”

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  • spellwizard

    I hope this idiot realizes that this would violate the first amendment in the biggest way of all. If the Christian church would dictate to the government what laws should and should not be passed and upheld, that will infringe on the beliefs of the Hindus, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Sikhs, etc. Not to mention, if the Muslims have a majority in a certain community, they could legally impose Sharia Law in that region. Is this guy that much of a total moron or what??!!!!!!

    • diablodejalisco

      i believe he is. he and michelle bachmann make a good pair. republicans without brains.

    • LadyeCatte

      Well..gosh. Yes.

      Yes, he is.

  • nelsonhead

    The founding fathers met in TAVERNS
    Not in Churches!

    • Flava Futha Muckin J

      Facts, scmacts, what about that horsey named Paul Revere?

    • LadyeCatte

      Documented as fact. Wonder if Louie will now agree that Barkeeps also have a “one-way wall” role in politics? No more laws against drinking and driving: “Alcohol doesn’t kill people. People kill people!”

  • Regina Arrendell

    Gohmert is not as smart of Gomer…Pyle!

    • swinedance

      He is not as smart as A pile.

  • Flava Futha Muckin J

    Urge to kill rising…….

  • TexasMike

    If you think this is bad, you should live here. They make stupid an art form!

    • Robin

      A classic ! I’m going to use that. It fits as I live in AZ !

  • diablodejalisco

    this man is whats wrong with america. too many idiots in politics. only in texas could this man get elected.

  • David William Rutledge

    Go back to sleep Louis.

  • Mischelle Sowell

    This country was founded by people who were persecuted for their religion. They knew what it was like when theological views become the law of the land. The founding fathers were so determined that this country not fall into the hands of religious zealots that they pulled out parchment and quill to write it down so we would all know what it means to be free.

  • Beverly Brown

    Churches should pay taxes and stay out of politics.

  • Chandra M. Jordan

    Wow, this is the biggest load of crap ever.

  • Debra Ranson

    Where do these idiots keep coming from???

  • glantern35

    Gohmert is a total imbecile. Another idiot from Texas! Yeee-Hawwww.

  • glogrrl

    This man is so ignorant, I don’t see how he got elected…..unless his entire constituency is just as ignorant. Could it be?

  • Carol Dale

    I agree TexasMike I been in Texas for 3 years.mi thought I had seen stupid until I move down here. First the Governor is so embrassing
    You just have hang your head. It was bad enough, he’s the governor, but then he said his wife told him ” that God wanted him to run for president. During the debate evidently he must been sick on the day they taught Civic in junior high. Because he didn’t even know the branches of the Goverment during a debate.

    Then you have every poliction down here in Texas, including the Dog Catchers, running against President Obama and Affordable Care. Last time I looked President Obama wasn’t on the ballot here in Texas. They don’t have any platform of their own, just running against President Obama and Obama Care!

    And saying stupid comments about women and minorities.They say it because they can get a way with it down here. Now I have work with politicians running for office, but never I thought I would see mess like is In TEXAS!

  • msaxie

    This is BS and he knows it!