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Anti-immigration Activist: ‘Being Called a Racist is Hard on My Business’

An anti-immigration activist has lashed out at the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) and the media, demanding that being labeled as a leader of a hate group and a racist has hurt his business.

Glenn Spencer, the head of American Border Patrol, which SPLC called one of the most notorious of the “virulent anti-immigrant groups,” blames the SPLC and a media smear campaign for his inability to seal the deal on lucrative contracts, despite having friends in high places, including Arizona state Sen. Al Melvin, who recently proposed granting Spencer a $18.5 million border fence deal.

In a letter addressed to the SPLC, Spencer’s attorney accused the group of spreading lies against Spencer.

“Your organization is responsible for publishing misinformation to falsely accuse Mr. Spencer of being a ‘racist,’ ‘vitriolic Mexican-basher,’ and extremist,” the letter reads. “We believe the publication of such misinformation by your organization was deliberate, done with malice and with the intent to defame Mr. Spencer and cast him in a false light.”

Explaining the damages suffered, Spencer said when people find out he is a anti-immigrant racist, no one wants to work with him.

“I briefed the head of technology for DHS (Department of Homeland Security),” he said. “For some strange reason, right — we’ve come up with the best technology they’ve ever seen, and yet, they won’t deal with us.”

Other groups have simply broken off communication with him once they figure out his hate group ties. “They usually don’t say anything.” he complained about companies once-eager to do business with him. “Suddenly everything just stops.”

Through his attorney, Spencer has also reached out to the media, demanding that they stop calling him an anti-immigrant. “The title of the article itself calls Mr. Spencer ‘anti-immigrant’ which is totally false,” a recent cease-and-desist letter to the Huffington Post reads, stressing Spencer does not hate all immigrants, just the illegal, Mexican ones.

Spencer also told Raw Story while the media might say mean things about him, they “don’t know crap.”

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  • Dewenda Cooper

    Hate is a strong word. Maybe he should say he hate the actions not the people!

  • Susan Price

    Sounds like he “don’t know crap.”

  • morn1960

    welcome to red state america where knowledge is a sin and ignorance a virtue

  • connlyfox

    Mr. your own mouth has lead to the decrease in your business. Who wants to do business with someone who spits such hate garbage all the time and make such an ass of themselves that it is on the front pages of the media not to mention on the national broadcasts. You are your own worst enemy with no one else to blame buy yourself. When comments are made by you using terms that are bashing the people of color whether or not they are American citizens such as Afro American or those of Hispanic Heritage American citizens it makes you a racist which has been done by the very lips on your face, so either become a better person or deal with the loss of business!

  • Neil Hopkins

    Freedom of speech not freedom from speech dude. You say a bunch of vile stupid stuff you suffer for it.

  • trog69

    So, take them to court and prove it. Obviously this hateful man knows that his words are already out there, so his lawsuit would be seen as frivolous as soon as the highlight reel was finished.