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Barbwire’s Miller: ‘Sure I think Gays are Evil, But that Doesn’t Mean I’m a Homophobe’

Barbwire’s uber-conservative blogger Gina Miller wants you to know that she is not a homophobe; She just feels called to speak out against the “the immoral, unnatural and very unhealthy reality of homosexual behavior.”

In a blog published on April Fool’s Day that unfortunately was not intended to be joke, Miller explained why conservatives like her are often miscast as bigots.

“It should occur to any thinking man that those of us who speak boldly against this diabolical movement are in reality the opposite of ‘homophobic,’” Miller wrote, adding, “If I am unafraid to call a spade a spade, then how can I be accused of being afraid of the spade? It’s nonsense, but homosexual activists don’t let sense impede their wrong-headed assertions and twisted agenda.”

She then said the real homophobes, which she called a sham term anyhow, were the people that let the ‘homosexual agenda’ bully them into not standing up for what is right in the eyes of God.

“If “homophobia” were a real thing, it would describe the behavior of politicians and managers and leaders of companies, schools, churches and institutions who abandon their moral convictions and compromise their principles in obeisance to what they inherently know is wrong,” she continued, insisting that those who support gay rights are actually cowards.

She then blamed the “anti-American, anti-freedom, godless Left” and the liberal-infested media for forcing Americans to think being gay was okay.

“We have allowed the Left to abuse and distort our language for so long that we may not be able to gain control of the national dialogue,” she said, concluding that the liberal media has exploited America’s general stupidity to spread its pro-gay agenda.

“Dumb people are as malleable as the ‘new’ term ‘gender,’ and they can easily be made to proudly and stupidly embrace their chains by the powerful, evil tyrants who have a very good grasp on the English language,” she demanded, stressing that thanks to liberals, many kids now leave school barely able to write or read making them easy targets for the liberal lies.

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  • GOPhater

    typical brain-washed Reich Wing sheep

  • Martin Henry

    Funny that remark about reading and writing because I’ve always though if you’re illiterate you vote Republican. If you’re clued up then you vote Democrat but right wing ideology uses lies and misinformation to make their point, I’ve got a brain so guess which side of the aisle I fall?..

    • David Higginbotham

      yeah, you’ve got a brain… try using it.

  • David Higginbotham

    Gina is SO right…both literally and figuratively. She’s a hot blade of truth cutting through layers of liberal rot and filth. She’s blowing back on the left-wing sewer-pipe. Bless her and keep her.