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Ted Cruz Uses Half-Truths to Brag About His Victory over the Atheists

On Wednesday Sen. Ted Cruz told a group of students at Liberty University that their religious liberties were under attack and he was just the man to lead the crusade against the atheist insurgents.

“These are troubled times,” Cruz told the students at the evangelical college founded by Jerry Falwell, warning them that Christianity was in peril and they needed leaders to commit to the fight.

Skirting over facts, he then bragged about how he had dared to take down a ‘homeless atheist’ who questioned the presence of a 10 Commandments monument in his home state, Texas.

“It’s been there since 1961, until an individual plaintiff – an atheist, a homeless man – filed a lawsuit seeking to tear down that monument,” Cruz told the Liberty University crowd.

“I was honored to defend that monument, we went all the way to the Supreme Court,” he said, skipping over the unsavory part where the then-Bush aide Cruz tapped his former boss, Judge William Renquist, and helped author the justice’s written decision.

That decision erroneously suggested that the 10 Commandments were embedded in US courts since, “Moses has stood, holding two tablets that reveal portions of the Ten Commandments written in Hebrew, among other lawgivers in the south frieze. ”

Unfortunately, what Rehnquist and Cruz failed to realize is that what is actually written on the stone tablets of Moses on the frieze  are instructions that the Israelites shall commit adultery, murder and other assorted sins, making their argument not only spurious but also a bit blasphemous to boot.

Undeterred by reality, now or then, however, Cruz then shared with the future young leaders of the Religious Right how he had also done his patriotic and religious duty by fending off another atheist who sought to have the words ‘one nation under God’ removed from the Pledge of Allegiance.

“You’ll remember in California, another atheist filed a lawsuit seeking to strike down the Pledge of Allegiance and the federal court ordered the Pledge of Allegiance struck down,” Cruz said. “We went to the U.S. Supreme Court on behalf of all 50 states, defending the words,’ one nation under God,’ and we won.”

Once again, though, Cruz overlooked the fact that in the 2004 case no one actually won. The case, which had been brought by a father on behalf of his child, was thrown out because he did not have custody of the minor and thus could not presume to speak on her behalf in court.

These little details are, of course,  hardly important when you are convinced a war is at hand. “Religious liberty – the very first liberty in the bill of rights, the very first protection we have – has never been more imperiled than it is right now,” Cruz told the students, reminding them of the importance of his Supreme Court victories against the atheist cause.

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  • Dewenda Cooper

    Ted.Cruz is a liar and a liar who pretends to be a model of a Christian. Woe to you Cruz God don’t like liars who uses His name to deceive people with untruths. The article above are so filled with lies and half truths to fool all who listen to his lies. God is watching you Cruz! Remember you’re a Christian. So tell the whole truth.

    • roooth

      I always take it as an indicator of the gigantic mote in their eye when someone professing to be a follower of Jesus demonstrates such glaring ambition for earthly power and wealth.

      Although, in reality, Cruz, like most of the overly ambitious who fake religious fervor for political gain, rarely mentions, or shows by his actions, any familiarity with the teachings of Jesus.

      Have you noticed that? They’re REAL big on misusing other Bible verses, usually the vengeful, angry God stuff from the Old Testament, or the angry God, boy are you gonna get it stuff from the end of the New Testament.

      But, the love, the compassion, the spiritual need to care for each other, the LESSONS about the dangers of lust for wealth and greed for earthly power that Jesus taught – it’s like that whole part of the Bible is missing from their version of Christianity.

      Take Jesus out of Christianity and there’s not much left but stone age superstitions and ancient myths – but that’s what they are clinging too.

      That’s why they act less like Jesus and more like the Taliban.

      And, watch when anyone who points out how far off from the teachings of Jesus they have wandered – watch how quickly they change the subject.

      They call themselves Christians, but Jesus is nowhere in their Christianity.

      • Dewenda Cooper

        Amen Rooth well said. They really need to stop using the religious side of things to justify their political lies. Many who follow them only need to hear their rhetoric about how their Christianity and twisted belief that the founding fathers would agree wuth them. One fool went as far as to say that when they write that church and state should be separate it only meant that churchesowe it to the people to get involved in politics to the point that it can not be separated because the church has the power and right to stop what they as Christians deem unholy. Yes, we are encouraged to be involved in the voting process but not to govern it. The point is the Republicans are hypocrates while preaching hell and brimstones when necessary to bolster their lies. They are as you say more concerned by money and power than having compassion for the less fortunate. Jesus is about love and compassion for all. They would have the poor eliminated and hungout to die.

  • Jessica

    I never understand why Christian’ believe it is OK to push their religion on everyone else. Freedom of religion means freedom from religion also.

    • roooth

      It is not all “Christians”, any more than all “Muslims” are terrorists. It’s the damn extremists.

      The extremists are the ones who believe it is OK to push their religion – or their political beliefs – or their superstitions – on everyone else

      It’s ALWAYS the extremists – and the people willing to give up their autonomy to follow them.

      Which is worse? The narcissistic extremists – who really do believe that they know better what everyone else should do, and they think using force is justified to get their way? Or their blind followers, who commit the violence the extremists incite?

      Every religion has them. So does every political system and government. The rest of us always end up suffering whenever ANY of them gets any real power.

  • Louis Perez

    I would like to see him on a burning cross.

  • clever_sobriquet

    Lying in the cause of the divine is pretty much standard practice, no matter what the religion.

    • roooth

      Even the devil can quote Scripture…..