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6th Grader to GOP Candidate: ‘Comparing Gay Marriage to Marriage with a Dog is Offensive’

A sixth-grade girl did not back down from her views when a local Republican leader, District Attorney Phil Berger Jr, made an anti-gay remark during his recent visit to her North Carolina school.

Lana Torres, a middle schooler at Greensboro Montessori School, had asked Berger during a student-led forum hosted by her class what he would do to support equal rights for the LGBT community if he were elected to Congress.

Berger responded that he would not support such measures and explained that he had worked against efforts to weaken traditional marriage laws. “Two years ago, the voters of North Carolina overwhelming approved Amendment One, which only recognized traditional marriage, and I was a leader in that effort,” Berger told the students. “I was the spokesperson for traditional marriage in North Carolina, and I am very much in favor of traditional marriage.”

Yet it was not his anti-gay marriage track record that bothered Torres; it was what he said next about the LGBT community to a group of kids.

“He talked about a man marrying a dog,” Torres told the local paper. “I found that really offensive, that he would compare gay marriage to something so offensive and outrageous.”

Unfortunately, Berger’s inappropriate remarks were not the only thing that the young people had to endure during their forum.

When asked about the recent global climate change report that warning climate change has already impacted the world’s food supply, GOP candidate told the kids that the UN’s report, compiled by some of the leading experts in the world, was simply hogwash.

“First, we need to find unbiased people with an objective viewpoint to look at this, and if there are issues, then we address them,” Mike Causey said, suggesting that all this climate change talk was just to make a political point.

Fellow GOP candidate Charles Sutherland then backed Causey up, adding an unscientific climate denial theory of his own. “I think we’re heading into another Ice Age, not getting warmer,” Sutherland told the middle school students, who clearly were better informed than most of the panel. “We need to prepare for that.”

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