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Pat Robertson: ‘Satan Will One Day Rule America If We Keep Shopping Online’

Televangelist Pat Robertson is on a roll this week, first declaring Jews spent their time “polishing diamonds” and then warning a nice guy Wiccan that he was “going to Hell.”

During his 700 Club broadcast on Thursday though, the aging preacher may have topped his own antics when he warned his views of a government conspiracy with Satan to create a cash-free society in order to force everyone to take on the “Mark of the Beast.”

“The Bible says that they cannot buy or sell without the Mark of the Beast, and people said, ‘Oh, well, that just fanciful Hebrew rhetoric that doesn’t apply to anybody real,” Robertson explained, referring to a passage in Revelations that was actually written originally in Greek. “Who would have thought that we could live in an age that could literally come to pass?”

He then told his audience that using computers to purchase things and making non-cash transactions was allowing Satan to wiggle into the American’s financial future giving him the power to ultimately take over the world.

“We’re going into some strange world, ladies and gentlemen,” Robertson warned.“The pros — the people who are in charge — find that paying cash are an annoyance, and they want everything on your cards. And they want it all by computer.”

Buying things online and using your credit and debit cards, though, Robertson stressed, was dangerous, and the government is hiding the risk because they do not want you to know Satan is lurking behind that ATM.

“I hate to tell you, it’s coming. And Satan wants to control the lives of all the world,” the preacher predicted. “He wants to be God, he wants to be worshipped as God. And he wants to have control over everybody, and that’s how it will be done.”

Despite Robertson’s dire predictions, since the airing of the segment during Thursday’s 700 Club, CBN is still soliciting donations online and Robertson’s books remained available on Amazon.com in both hard copy and Kindle.

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