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GOP’s Gohmert Hails Mississippi Anti-Gay Law as ‘Wonderful Example of Real Freedom’

Texas lawmaker Louis Gohmert recently caused a stir when he declared that the separation of church and state really meant that only the state should keep out of the church’s business, but not the other way around.

Now, the GOP house member has joined with Family Research Council’s Tony Perkins to publicly praise Mississippi for signing into law the anti-gay Mississippi Religious Freedom Restoration Act (SB 2681) and having the courage to stand up and fight for “real freedom.”

“I sure am proud of Mississippi,” Gohmert told Perkins during the FRC’s head’s radio show on the day the bill was signed.

Then speaking directly to Gov. Phil Bryant, who had joined Perkins and Gohmert for the segment, he said, “You have set such a wonderful example of real freedom.”

Gohmert further lavished praised the governor for his courage for standing strong against the truly intolerant “leftist agenda.”

“There is nobody more intolerant in this country than those that are screaming for tolerance,” Gohmert stressed to the Mississippi Governor. “Christians are not intolerant but whoa, goodness these people,” Gohmert remarked.

Echoing Gohmert’s sentiments, in a press release issued on the same day, Perkins also called the governor courageous and applauded him for being the kind of leader who would stand up against those who are trying to ‘quarantine’ the Christian faith.

“Those who understand the importance and cherish the historic understanding of religious freedom are grateful for leaders who respond to fact and not fictitious claims of those who are trying to quarantine faith within the walls of our churches or homes,” Perkins said. “Some things are worth standing and contending for, and at the top of that list is our first freedom, the freedom of religion.”

He concluded by lauding the governor,and others who helped pass the bill for “refusing to cower to egregious misrepresentations of a fair and reasonable religious liberty measure.”

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