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Nerdy (and Bigoted) Right-Wing Rant: ‘Gays are Like the Borg from Star Trek’

The right-wing’s attack on the LGBT community turned nerdy today when a conservative pundit decided to compare gay people to the Borgs from Star Trek.

Part of yet another conservative rant about OK Cupid’s outing of Mozilla’s CEO as anti-gay, in a blog posted today on Best of Cain Dan Calabrese warned that what the gay community wanted more than anything was to make the whole world assimilate and be gay-loving just like them.

“This movement is evil,” Calabrese wrote in a hate-filled blog that would never have been tolerated by Starfleet’s equality-loving ways.“The gay movement understands something. They understand that in order for their movement to ultimately succeed, they need to turn the entire culture into a mindless army of obedient adherents like the Borg on Star Trek…You will be assimilated, resistance is futile.”

He further stressed that these Borg-like champions of gay rights are ultimately out to destroy and silence all those who do not agree with them.

“The gay rights movement does not want to allow free speech if it means anyone can raise doubts about their cause. Why? Because the points raised in dissent are compelling,” he demanded. “They are generally based on biblical principles that the people of God will never abandon no matter how much the secular world tries to argue them into doing so. That means they only acceptable situation is to have no dissent and no discussion.”

Then, just in case we might have forgotten who the good guys were, Calabrese underscores the fact not only do the champion of gay rights deserve to be compared to Star Trek’s villains, but they trample on American values too.

“Freedom of speech is their enemy because, ultimately, truth is their enemy,” he said, warning that if the gay menace is not stopped soon they will soon demand, “You will be assimilated…resistance is futile.”

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