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Right-Wing Rant: ‘Obama is a Psychopath’

Right-wing blogger Gina Loudon put her armchair psychiatry to the skills over the weekend when she declared President Barack Obama a psychopath.

Using the diagnostic criteria she culled from the Huffington Post, Loudon demanded that like Pol Pot, Hitler and others, Obama was “well spoken, charismatic, fearless, controlling, socially potent, a habitual liar, calm to a disturbing degree in the face of chaos and cold-hearted.”

She then went on to ‘prove’ her claims using a mash-up of conservative anti-Obama rumors and conspiracy theories.

Insisting that Obama’s willingness to take vacations was proof Obama acted audaciously and without concern from others (signs of a psychopath she gleaned from the 2012 Huffington Post blog), Loudon declared that Obama’s golf outings and too-regular days off were a sign of his mental illness.

“On days when America has been under attack, on days when military heroes have died, on days when the nation is mourning – still Obama finds time for a game of hoops with a hip-hop star or a round of golf with a key contributor,” she insisted, pointing out the media refuses to cover his vacation crimes. “His advisers had to pull him off the golf course to talk him into taking out Osama bin Laden.”

The thing is Obama actually takes far less vacation days than George W. Bush and Republican hero Ronald Reagan did, and the numbers are not even close. During Obama’s first term of office, he took 131 days of vacation, while during Bush’s first term, he took 1020 days, over twice more than even Reagan, who clocked in at 420 during four years. This means by Loudon’s own criteria, if Obama doesn’t care, Bush cared far, far less.

Undeterred by such logic, however, Loudon continued her anti-Obama rant, demanding that the President also showed another classic sign of a psychopath-blaming others.

“Obama and his cronies blamed President Bush for just about everything.” Loudon pointed out, a claim that is not, for once, entirely untrue. “They blame the tea party for any bad press, the Koch brothers for any mishaps and Congress for Obama’s tyrannical executive orders and the removal of the filibuster as a means of defense against Obama’s imperial appointments.”

She concluded by using a much-touted conspiracy touted by Fox News to point out the worst sign of Obama’s psychopathology-he is a cold-hearted, ruthless killer.

“Perhaps most flagrant act of this president, if we are looking at evidence of psychopathy, is the lack of any substantive remorse, or responsibility shown for what happened to two Navy SEALs, an American ambassador and an information management officer, at the hands of vicious terrorists in Benghazi,” she said, warning America must wake up and see the Hitler-like, psychopath man in the White House for who he truly is, before it is too late.

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