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Gun Advocate: Teachers Who Protect Kids During School Shootings Aren’t Heroes (Unless They Have Guns)

Gun Owners of America’s Larry Pratt has a history of saying outrageous things. Now the staunch and outspoken gun rights advocate and former GOP member of Virginia’s House of Representatives is taking aim at teachers who protect kids during school shootings.

Pratt has talked about school shootings before, claiming thy are conspiracies to make gun owners look bad, and even going so far as to claim liberals and gun control activists actually rejoiced when they found out about the Sandy Hook slayings.

“My guess is that privately they rejoice when something like this happens,” he said last month, echoing similar comments he had made after the Boston Marathon bombings . “Because they immediately go to their buddies in the media and they immediately start shedding their crocodile tears, pushing for more gun control.”

Yet, these comments pale in comparison to a listener’s call-in rant last week when Pratt was a guest on VCY’s America Crosstalk to talk about the reason gun control is wrong.

“When you see these stories on the news about teachers, and they’re saying they’re heroes because they’re running and hiding and locking doors and everything, and that’s supposed to be a heroic act. I think it’s sheer terror,” the caller told Pratt, referring to the teachers who died saving their children and comforted them during the Sandy Hook attacks.

Instead of siding with the teachers who put their own lives at risk-terrified or not- in order to save the lives of young children, Pratt used the moment to call for guns in the classroom.

“I’d rather they be a hero with a good shot,” Pratt said, in agreement with the caller’s outlandish rant.

During the same show, the pro-gun activist also declared that those who support gun control are actually supporting tyranny.

 “For those who are not thinking as totalitarians, gun control otherwise is not rational,” Pratt said “Like Hitler said, we’d have to be crazy to let the conquered people have guns. And crazy is one thing I don’t think he was. So, he understood that, but we apparently can’t think even as clearly as that monster.”

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  • Terry Miller

    cause a hero is not a true hero unless he shoots someone in the process…

  • Kathi Geukes

    He needs to go hunting with Dickhead Cheney!!!!!

  • J. Kevin Michel

    This is just the kind of guy whose ownership of a gun should be prohibited by proper background checks coupled with a viable mental health system. It is obvious he has a distorted and twisted view of reality, and is living in a video game, and not the real world.

  • nidur

    Absolutely outrageous! We live in an Orwellian world where people just make up anything, repeat it enough, and it becomes fact to their lazy followers.

  • Ron

    Do you people even read the story? A CALLER called into a show and made the claim that teachers who protect are not hero’s….

    Pratt said he wished the hero’s would be able to do more than hide and be able to really defend.

    Details matter, pay attention to them.