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Pat Robertson: ‘God Almighty is a Hater (If the Gays are Right)’

Pat Robertson started off his week with another outrageous rant, yet again skewering the gay community and speaking out against same-sex marriage.

On Monday’s 700 Club, Robertson joined the chorus of right-wingers defending former Mozilla CEO’s Brandon Eich’s ouster over his support of a measure to stop gay marriage.

“Here this man at Mozilla, Eich, had given $1,000 about six or seven years ago — $1,000 — to a proposition,” Robertson said. “And somebody came around and said, ‘Will you contribute?’ And he said, ‘Here’s a grand, get off my back.’ I mean, that’s probably all that it amounted to.”

He then explained that what cost Eich his job was not the donation, but the gay activists who demanded he resign and called  his one-time donation ‘hate speech.’

“He’s being forced out by gay activists, who said that was hate speech to say that the union between a man and a woman is marriage — that’s hate speech,” the aging preacher demanded.

Robertson then insisted that if the gay activists were allowed to deem supporting an anti-gay measure hate speech, then his God and Bible were full of hate.

“Well then, the Bible then is full of hate. If that the way it is, then God almighty is a hater.” he said.  “If that’s the way they want to define it. And I, of course, don’t agree.”

Yet, while Robertson does not agree, he certainly has amassed quite a track record citing the Bible and God’s name in defense of outlandish and hateful statements against women, the LGBT community and other faiths.

Just in the past few months, he has told a woman who was abused that it is her fault her marriage failed, advised a woman to not let her kids get close to a lesbian friend (apparently its catchy), insulted Jewish people, told a Wiccan he was going to hell, and suggested that watching porn and horror movies could lead to demon possession.


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  • Mike

    I’d love to say that senility has set in, but I think it’s just massive stupidity.

  • Tammy Frickel-Connard

    I pity anyone who has a hateful angry God! My God is kind and gentle, And loves all his children equally with unconditional love! My God is an awesome God!

  • sysprog

    No Pat…GOD is not the hater. It’s those like you and Franklin Graham that ‘act’ as his representatives.

  • Clyde Fee

    He is not worth a thoughtful response. God is about caring for one another, love your neighbor. Not judging and playing God with other people’s life. Anything less than that is not of God. This man through his continual action is not a spokesman for God at all. His actions tell me otherwise.

  • Mischelle Sowell

    The bible is full of hate is probably the most honest thing he said

  • J. Kevin Michel

    Pat, the only demon here is obviously you.