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Glenn Beck on Pittsburgh High School Tragedy: ‘We Have Gone Against Universal Principles, Now We Will Pay’

Glenn Beck says the recent school stabbings are a sign America needs to wake up to the fact we have gone against universal principles and natural law.

On Wednesday, the nation responded in horror as word spread that a 16-year-old wielding kitchen knives went on a rampage at a high school just outside of Pittsburgh.

Alex Hribal, is now facing four counts of attempted homicide and 21 counts of aggravated assault after he slashed students in the hallway of his school in the bizarre attack that, as of yet, seems to have no clear motive or explanation.

Speaking of the stabbing during his Wednesday broadcast, Beck said that all the nation can do is pray at times like this and understand that acts like this are not God’s punishment, but instead is a result of something we as a nation have done.

“It’s not God making somebody stab somebody,” he said, it is the fact we as a nation have “disconnected from universal principles.”

He then warned that the catastrophes that befall the nation will just get worse and worse the more we break with universal principles. “The hunger and dare I say starvation this nation will face in the coming years will not be a punishment from God, it will be an acceptance of principles that are wrong.”

Beck then explained that when tragedy happened to the people of Zimbabwe and the former Soviet Union, it was not God’s punishment, instead, those catastrophes were the result of the people accepting and embracing Marxism and ultimately going against the same “universal principles” that America is now trying to evade.

Calling America a blessed land, he said that there is no reason that we should have to put up with tragedies like the school stabbing since we have all the energy, all the clean air, and everything else the country needs to prosper, and we could, if we just did not keep backsliding against “natural law.”

“We are now doing things that go against natural law,” Beck warned his audience, pointing to the stabbing spree as a sign. “And because of that, we will pay a very heavy price.”

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