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GOP Mega-donor Recycles Hitler Meme to Complain about Obamacare (VIDEO)

Republican mega-donor Foster Friess really doesn’t like Obamacare. In fact, he hates it so much he made a meme of it starring Hitler.

The controversial GOP supporter, who once told women if they wanted birth control they should put “an aspirin between their knees,” posted the clip, recycled from Hitler film “Der Untergang,” to show his disdain for the fact Obamacare does not live up to his promises.

“I don’t want a Jew like Feingold poking around my bum,” Hitler says in the clip.“Just make an appointment with Dr. Steiner.”

When Hitler’s advisors inform him that unfortunately, due to the Affordable Care Act, Dr. Steiner was no longer in his network, Hitler flies into a rage demanding Barack Obama had promised, “‘if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor,” and screaming about how the health plan had let him down.

The meme is not the first time Friess, who identifies himself as an “ordinary citizen just like you”, has used Hitler to make his point.

In a 2006 promotional video aired to support the Islamophobic video “Obsession,” Friess used images of Hitler to warn citizens about new world threat he sees as worse than Nazism-the danger of Jihadism.

His latest Hitler video, though,  which may be an attempt at attracting younger GOP convert more with humor than his former hardcore line, seems to have found an audience, and just like he hoped, generated buzz.

Obama “is being called on the carpet for his lies. And he should be!” John T. Flores writes.  “American’s know they were lied to and they don’t like it. That is why fewer Americans trust him than ever before.”

Others, like Paul Caulicatt, have not been as charitable in their reviews of the meme. “Really Foster? You’re ‘humorous’ Hitler ad is despicable and your kind are exactly what is wrong with our country: Bitter rich old white guys wanting the world their way!” Caulicatt said, clearly not impressed.

Like it or not, the video has been an internet success with over 376,000 hits since the Hitler parody first was published online.

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