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Kansas Secretary of State: ‘Those Darn Widows and Aliens are to Blame for Voter Fraud’

Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach thinks widows are to blame for the ‘epidemic’ of voter fraud he is trying to stop with Kansas’ strict voter ID laws. Joining radio host Joyce Kaufman at a recent event hosted by the anti-immigrant group FAIR, Kobach explained how widows and aliens are mucking up the voter process.

“I can’t imagine how many widows are voting for their dead husbands in communities like I lived in,” Kaufman said to Kobach, sending him on a rant about voter abuses.

“Yeah, it happens all the time,” Kobach said, pointing out that there are really three kind of frauders. First, he said are the people who die and stay on the rolls (presumably so their wives can continue voting on their behalf), those that move and enroll to vote in two states, and “aliens.”

These “aliens”, he stressed are “people who were never entitled to vote in the first place.”

In fact, according to the Brennan Center for Justice the types of fraud Kobach is claiming, and in fact all voter fraud, is extremely rare not only in Kansas but around the US. Many of the problems that are claimed to be fraud, they add, are not intentional deception at all, but administrative and voter mistakes.

The NYU based center also points out that requiring identification to vote does not solve the practically non-existent problem of fraud, but it does turn away minorities, something Kobach vehemently denies is fact.

“I think it’s outrageous the argument some make that it hurts minorities. It’s almost a racist argument!,” Kobach said, claiming those who think that are bigoted, not him. “You’re telling me that because of a person’s skin color, he’s less able to find his birth certificate? That’s just crazy to make that argument.”

Photo Credit: Department of Justice


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  • Allyson Babin

    Two words, fucking idiot!!!! Such a typical repugnant Republican!!! SO STUPID!!

  • Gilberto Urroz

    What can one say? It’s … Kansas.

  • Beau

    no Kobach, you stupid fuck. poor people are less able to BUY their state required birth certificate. I’ve had to do this process myself, and it cost nearly fifty dollars when said and done. you were a worthless professor in law school, and you’re an even more worthless secretary of state. crawl back under your white power rock and die.

  • Beverly Brown

    There is no reported voted fraud from this state. How ignorant can a person get? Wanna talk about some abuse what about when Jeb stole the votes to make sure his brother won. This idiot is trying to make a name for himself. Poor excuse for a man.

    • Isidis St Claire

      He doesn’t remark on all those Widowers who may cast votes in their dead wives’ names.

  • Barb Reinert

    As a widow myself… I think you’re a fucking idiot!!

  • jep07

    This is all obstruction of the democratic process, not good governance. It is just a front for suppression of voter rights. It is nothing more or less than the conservative status quo protecting itself from demographic changes by putting logistical stumbling blocks in front of potential opposition supporters.

  • glogrrl

    Let’s have some solid statistical proof for that, Sparky.

  • Carol Dale

    you lying on innocent widows, idiot. Just an excuse to make voting harder. I hope everybody come out and vote you racist, women’s hating Republicans out!!