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Satanic Temple Launches Campaign to Protect Kids from School Spankings through Satanism

New York-based The Satanic Temple has launched a campaign to stop school corporal punishment by encouraging children to declare it against their deeply held beliefs.

According to the Protect Children Project, the program is open to children of all ages and faiths who believe, just as the Satanic tenet, that being hit violates their rights.

“If your deeply held beliefs oppose school faculty hitting you, physically restraining you or holding you against your will in an isolation room, please submit your name,” the website instructs, telling children it will then contact their school and local school board to let them know that the declaration was made.

Lucien Greaves, the spokesperson of the temple, explained that the group was acting to protect children because it is an essential part of Satanist belief.

“One of the fundamental tenets of the The Satanic Temple is personal sovereignty and the inviolability of one’s body and mind. Hitting a child or placing them in solitary confinement goes entirely against our beliefs,” Greaves said.

The program, he added, gives children who share the same belief about corporal punishment as Satanism a way to be protected, just like an other deeply held conviction or religious beliefs, under civil rights laws.

Once the child makes the declaration via the website, he stressed, if school boards refuse to acknowledge it, “they would be violating their civil rights [and] school officials could potentially face criminal charges if they disregard a student’s convictions.”

Greaves also said that the Protect Children Project is prepared to act, when and if, a child who has made the declaration is then subjected to spanking, isolation or other objectionable forms of punishment at school.

“Whether we bring suit against those who ignore this exemption, or aid the violated party in bringing forth legal action,” he demanded that the Protect Children Project is unafraid to challenge those who violate the children’s rights in court.

Photo Credit: Screenshot/Registration Page-Protect Children Project

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