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Tea Party Candidate Chris McDaniel: ‘Democrats are the Party of Sex on Demand’

A Mississippi Tea Party candidate’s past remarks are coming back to haunt him. State Sen. Chris McDaniel, who is vying against incumbent Thad Chochran for the Republican nomination for the US Senate, said some pretty outlandish things while he hosted a radio show in 2005 and 2006.

Now those tapes from his on-air time at The Right Side have been unearthed in a BuzzFeed report, revealing some strong words about liberals, the Democratic Party and libertarians.

Liberals, McDaniel told his radio audience back then, are really trying to make it easier to kill unborn children. More than that, they are also trying to exterminate Christianity in America.

They “want to continue to rid our society of that Christian influence that has been so dominant her for the past 230-plus years….they want to pass new hate crime laws for homosexuals,” McDaniel ranted on-air. “Whatever you can imagine, I can give you the parade of horribles coming.”

During another show, he also explained that the Democrats loved the gay community so much that the entire purpose of the Democratic Party has become “the party of sex on demand, the party that supports the homosexual agenda.”

While it is unlikely his harsh words against the Democratic Party and the liberal agenda will cost too many votes in the primary, as it turns out McDaniel has also railed against libertarians, a group that he needs to support him if he has any chance of winning the Republican nod.

Commenting on Loretta Nall, a write-in libertarian candidate who ran a 2006 campaign by promoting her breasts, McDaniel said, “The only thing that could make the campaign more libertarian is a heroin needle in her arm.”

Then, continuing with the drug theme, he described the libertarian idea as, “maybe if you get a hooker and some crack maybe they’ll give you discount on that.”

In response to the caught-on-tape remarks, McDaniel’s spokesperson Noel Fritsch said the liberal press was to blame for the hoopla and he doesn’t think what McDaniel said in the past will hurt his candidate’s campaign or his chances at winning the GOP nomination.

“When Chris got into this race he knew they [the liberal press] would throw mud, so it’s no surprise they’d dredge up decade-old comments made on conservative talk radio,” adding that, “Chris will continue to deliver his conservative message of controlling government spending, lowering taxes, and repealing Obamacare across the state.”

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