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Marsha Blackburn: ‘GOP is Leading the Way in Women’s Rights’

Last week, every Republican present on the Senate floor voted to strike down a proposed bill to combat unequal pay for women before it was even debated. Yet, according to GOP House member Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) the only reason her party did not even want to discuss the issue is because they are the ones that are truly the crusaders for the women’s cause.

When asked on Sunday’s edition of Face the Nation if not allowing the Paycheck Fairness Act would hurt the Republicans mid-elections bid, Blackburn accused host Bob Schieffer of buying into the ‘war on women’ lies.

“I find this war on women rhetoric almost silly,” Blackburn demanded. “It is Republicans that have led the fight for women’s equality. Go back through history! And look at who was the first woman to vote, to get elected to office, to go to Congress, four out of five governors.”

She then explained that the reason that the Republican blocked the measure was not an attempt to stop women from getting paid the same, but instead to make sure that if they were not paid fairly, they would not be able to sue the companies they worked for and win.

“It was going to be helpful for trial lawyers,” Blackburn said, before exclaiming, “We’re all for equal pay.”

She also said she understood why women would want to be taken seriously. “I have fought to be recognized with equality for a long time,” Blackburn demanded. “A lot of us get tired of guys condescending to us.

Turning the tables, she then insisted that the real anti-women party was the Democrats. Pointing out that woman are unduly burdened by Obamacare and suffer the most under the Affordable Care Act, she concluded by stressing the White House does not practice what it preaches and pay “88 cents for every dollar a guy earns.”

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