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Suspected Jewish Community Center Killer Called Hitler Greatest Man on Earth

Frazier Glenn Cross, aka Frazier Glenn Miller, allegedly opened fire this weekend on a Kansas Jewish community center and assisted living facility, leaving three people dead. Upon his arrest, the 73-year-old yelled, “Heil Hitler.”

Police are investigating the murders as a hate crime but say it is too soon to tell what may have happened in the mind of the killer.

“We know it was a vicious act of violence, and we know obviously it was at two Jewish facilities,” Overland Park police Chief John Douglass said on Sunday. “So one might make that assumption, but we’re going to have to know more about it before we’ll label it.”

What is already well known, however, is that Frazier Glenn Miller, the alleged shooter, is a white supremacist and former grand dragon of the Ku Klux Klan. He also has a passion for his hero, Hitler.

During a 2010 interview with Howard Stern, who happens to be Jewish, he called Hitler, “the greatest man who ever walked the earth.”

He also supports Hitler’s genocide of the Jewish people and, in imitation of his Nazi idol, spent his time in jail writing his own ‘Mein Kampf’-like autobiography and manifesto.

In the self-published book, ‘A White Man Speaks Out’, he railed against those he sees as ‘non-whites,’ especially the Jewish community and called for their hasty and even violent departure from North America, just as Hitler forced the non-Aryans out of Germany.

“You’re alone in a closet of your home. There’s a large bright red button on the wall. You can push that button, and presto, all Negroes, all Jews, and all other colored people are instantly removed from the North American continent and returned to their native countries,” he questioned his readers, “You’d push it, wouldn’t you…”

In another section of the book, he talked about how Hitler became the model for his paramilitary Ku Klux Klan organization and how he attempted to duplicate Hitler’s leadership strategies.

“I would try to emulate Hitler’s methods of attracting members and supporters,” he wrote. “In the years to come, for example, I placed great emphasis on staging marches and rallies. It had been successful with Hitler.”

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