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Florida Teacher Ordered Her Students to Attack Classmate to ‘Teach Him a Lesson’

A Florida teacher has been fired after she allegedly ordered her students to beat up a classmate to teach him a lesson about respecting his teacher.

This week, a Florida school board voted to officially terminate St. Lucie teacher Dru Dehart after she was caught on a school surveillance tape responding to a boy’s threats against her by encouraging other students to beat him up.

A representative for the school board said the teacher, who has never spoken publicly about the incident, made a poor choice.

“[Dehart] made a very poor decision that day,” David Miklas said. “She used students to carry out discipline.”

The victim in the attack, who was in the seventh grade at the time, said the incident started when he got mad and told Dehart that “wished he could curse out teachers someday.” In response, Dehart told him that the bigger boys could ‘teach him a lesson,’ and encouraged the boys to attack him in punishment for his threats.

The boy’s mother, Latasha Darrisaw, said the attack was brutal and Dehart seemed to gloat about the violence to her son. “They picked him up, carried him, holding him by the neck, took him down to her classroom and forcibly made him apologize to her,” she said. “And her remarks to him were, ‘I’ve got my eighth-grade boys on you; you’re not so tough now.”

Since the attack, she said her son has had a hard time recovering from incident. “It’s like a nightmare,” Darrisaw told the local news. “He’s not the same. He’s had some sleepless nights.”

Dehart did not attend the termination meeting held this week but her attorney, Mark Wilensky, said Dehart did not have any hopes that she would retain her job.

After the announcement of Dehart’s firing was made, the family of the attacked boy said through their own attorneys, “we are confident that is the right decision for the children of St. Lucie County.”  They also plan to file a federal civil rights lawsuit against the school district.

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