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Erik Rush Blames Obama after former KKK Leader Shoots 3 at Jewish Community Center

Right-wing pundit Erik Rush likes to blame President Barack Obama when tragedy strikes. After the disappearance of Malaysian Flight 370, Rush jumped on the conspiracy theory bandwagon and insisted Obama murdered the doomed passengers in an attempt to steal tech secrets from the Chinese.

Now, the conservative radio show host is demanding that the President is behind another heinous act-the recent shooting spree at a Kansas Jewish Community Center and Assisted Living Center that left three Kansas City residents dead.

According to Rush, Obama and the liberal press set the former Ku Klux Klan grand dragon’s anti-Semitic plot in motion when the president promoted racial discord and promoted anti-Israel sentiment by talking about racism and showing a lack of support for the Jewish homeland.

“The anti-Semitic tone that is being tolerated, in my view, by so many in this country and as a result of the tone I believe that the administration and the press have set, they’ve chosen to capitalize on every racist incident that has happened,” he told his listeners during a recent radio show.

He added that the incidents were being promoted, not in an effort to make racial and ethnic tensions better, but instead to help Obama’s cause and get ratings for the sensational-driven media.

The result is “fomenting racial discord between various races, between blacks and whites and the anti-Israel sentiment has become pretty much epidemic,” he stressed.

He concluded that all this anti-Semitic talk is the real reason that Frazier Glenn Miller, aka Frazier Glenn Cross, a man who idolized Adolph Hitler and openly despised both Jews and blacks, opened fire in the days before Passover at a Jewish Community Center.

He also warned that Obama’s incitement may well lead to further attacks. “I’m kind of surprised that we haven’t seen more in the way of anti-Semitic violence,” Rush said.

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