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Fox News’ Earth Day Reality Check: ‘Climate Change is a Lie Being Sold to the American People’

In preparation for Earth Day, Fox News joined with John Stossel this morning to promote the use of fossil fuels and proclaim, once again, that climate change is just a big, fat liberal lie.

The segment, which aired on Fox & Friends, featured Stossel explaining to the Fox News team how fossil fuels, not renewable energy, would help the world prosper.

Asked why he would support fossil fuels over more clean-burning alternatives by the hosts, Stossel responded, “Because that’s the only way that poor people — and there are billions still in poverty — can lift themselves out of poverty,” adding,“The other stuff isn’t good enough.”

Stossel and the Fox News hosts then launched into a fact-challenged bashing of climate change where they declared that much being said about climate change is a hoax.

Fox co-host Steve Doocy started the ball rolling by admitting that the earth may be getting hotter but insisting it is not humankind’s fault.

“The world’s getting warmer, but there’s no evidence that man is connected to the global warming,” Doocy said, pointing out as proof that even one of the founders of Greenpeace now realized climate change was not real.

The trouble is, as Raw Story quickly pointed out, Patrick Moore, the so-called Greenpeace founder, worked for Greenpeace but he was never a considered a founder and since leaving Greenpeace has worked for various mining, chemical and other polluting industries for the last twenty years.

Agreeing with Doocy, Stossel then reiterated that the warming earth was not people’s fault, prompting host Elisabeth Hasselbeck to ask if so-called climate change might just be a ‘product’ sold to the American people.

“Is it a product?” Hasselbeck asked Stossel. “I’m saying, is it something that’s being sold — sold to the American people, sold when scientists do their research?”

Stossel replied by telling Hasselbeck that was one way to think about it, but in fact, climate change was much more than a packaged lie the American people have bought. It was a movement to allow the government to take control of American’s lives.

“It’s a give-government-more-power movement,” Stossel said, adding that climate change was really the government’s way of saying “let us manage your life.”



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