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Richard Mack: Feds Brought in Hit Men to Fire on Bundy Ranch, Women Want to Be on Front Lines

Arizona sheriff Richard Mack has become the voice of the pro-Bundy support in Nevada, taking to the radio airwaves to make outrageous comparisons between the stand-off in Nevada over land rights and historical moments and stirring controversy with his women-first battle strategy.

This Monday, Mack went on the air to announce his plot to put women in the line of fire so the federal government would have to shoot them first.

The same day, Mack told Iowa talk show host Steve Deace that the pro-Bundy stance was actually a important move for civil rights.

“This was Rosa Parks refusing to get to the back of the bus,” he said, comparing the Nevada protesters to the iconic civil rights activist.

During the Deace interview, Mack also referenced the extermination of millions in Nazi Germany when he declared that if the armed supporters had not stepped in, the Bundy family would have fallen prey to “Holocaust-like” violence at the hands of the federal government.

In an apparent radio blitz, the prolific pro-Bundy talker then stepped up the rhetoric today when he declared that the federal government had hired mercenaries to escalate the violence in the land dispute during an interview on Fox News.

When asked by the radio host if he believed that the armed response was appropriate given the fact the dispute was over land, Mack announced that not only was the response warranted but that the federal government had hired hit men to open fire on the protesters.

Citing unnamed “intel sources” Mack insisted, “they were there with the military weapons and they were there ready to fire on innocent and unarmed people.”

He also dismissed criticism about his strategy to put women on the front lines of the battle, saying that it was not the men forcing them to be there, but the women chose to be on the front lines for the historical fight for their rights.

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