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Fox News Touts Alleged ‘Unholy War on Easter’ in America

Fox News today declared that there is an ‘unholy war on Easter’ and Chicago’s Daley Plaza is the epicenter.

During a segment that compared secular activists to members of the Westboro Baptist Church, Faith and Freedom Foundation Deputy National Field Director Virginia Galloway squared off against Freedom from Religion Foundation Co-President Annie Laurie Gaylor in a battle over secular signs and religious images displayed in Chicago’s public square.

Recently, the secular group Freedom from Religion posted large banners in Daley Plaza reading ‘In Reason We Trust’ and ‘Keep State & Religion Separate.’ The signs, meant to counter the Easter displays already in place in the square, sparked controversy among some Christians who felt the secular messages were an attempt to demean their faith.

During the ‘Unholy war on Easter’ segment, Fox Host Anna Kooiman bemoaned the secular banners and wondered if the signs were not another attempt to turn Easter into a holiday that poked fun at Christians and denied them the ability to freely practice their faith.

Clearly perturbed by the affront to her faith, Kooiman turned to Freedom from Religion’s Gaylor and asked why any group would do such a thing to hurt Christians.

“If you don’t believe in life after death, if you don’t believe in all of this stuff….why do you care? Why do this?” she quizzed Gaylor.

Gaylor responded that her group believed that if Christians could express their beliefs in the square, other groups could as well.

“We believe, if our public square is being taken over by a religion, we should be there too,” she told the Fox host.

Kooiman then turned to Faith and Freedom’s Galloway for her response to the signs, which appeared alongside the much larger Christian images in the public plaza.

“Well, I think it is kind of sad, on the week that Christians are celebrating the most significant part of their religion, the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, and Jewish people are celebrating Passover, that we are attacked and denigrated, it doesn’t feel right,” Galloway said.

She added that that while Faith and Freedom may have a right to bring their non-Christian message into a public space, “It seems without class, like the Westboro crowd and the things that they did.”

Later Galloway claimed the group was really trying to silence Christians and their right to openly practice their faith. “It’s not okay to say Christians can’t say anything in the public square,” she told Gaylor. “You can’t lock us in a building and say we can’t speak anywhere else.”


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