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WND Rant: University Liberals Will Turn America in Totalitarian State

American universities have become a cesspool of dangerous liberal thoughts, according to conservative WorldNetDaily editor Joseph Farah.

In a rant featured on WorldNetDaily, Farah explained that the colleges kids are paying top dollar to attend these days are truly breeding grounds for anti-American ideologies that will ultimately cause the downfall of the entire nation.

“America has permitted multiple generations to be indoctrinated into this venomous, anti-American and anti-liberty ideology,” Farah warned. “We’ve done it since the 1960s when young people were encouraged to shut down the universities they were privileged to attend to force their views on others.”

He added that he, too, was once a victim of higher education. “I swam in that cesspool. I understand it. I drank deeply of the Kool-Aid,” he stressed. “I know how this works and why it is such an effective weapon of intimidation and coercion.”

He continued by noting that we need only to look back at history to realize how dangerous universities can be for a nation and its youth.

“Academia is a breeding ground for this kind of mob rule akin to what was experienced in the French Revolution and Mao Zedong’s Cultural Revolution,” he demanded. “Ultimately, it not only spells the end of freedom. It spells death on a massive scale.”

He concluded that what universities really were trying to do was not to educate young minds, but to brainwash them into a new way of thinking about right and wrong in order to build a totalitarian state.

“Josef Stalin did it. Pol Pot did it. So did the Democratic Republic of North Korea, which has never recovered from it,” Farah said, insisting, “If we fail to see the patterns and similarities, we are doomed to suffer the same fate.”

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