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KKK Owner of Racist Web Site: SPLC Report Linking Violence to Web-Hate is ‘Outrageous Lie’

Don Black, a former Ku Klux Klan leader and owner of racist website Stormfront, is fighting back over allegations that festering hatred on internet chat rooms can lead to violence.

Recently, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) published a report on white homicide linking Stormfront and anti-Jewish site Vanguard News Network (VNN) to 100 murders in the last five years, including the recent shooting spree at the Jewish Community Center in Kansas City.

Don Black, though, says that the whole report is just a Jewish-led smear campaign and “outrageous lies” aimed to make racist sites like his look bad.

Claiming that the media is whipping up a fervor about hate groups because of the “longtime federal informant and race-mixer [Frazier] Glenn Miller” attacked a Jewish Community Center, Black stressed Miller did not even post on Stormfront (something SPLC never claimed) and that violence like Miller’s was not the White Pride way.

“Our moderators and I have repeatedly posted that we will not tolerate any advocacy or even suggestion of illegal violence,” he said, noting that Miller would have been blocked. “We are diligent in removing such whenever we find it, and we want to help visitors understand fully how horrifically damaging this is to our efforts.”

He admitted though that a few crazy violent people may have slipped through the cracks and committed crimes, but maintains his White Nationalist site is not about violence towards other but creating a “safe, supportive community” for racists on the web.

He then went on a rant about how the Jewish-controlled SPLC and media are the true proponents of terror, ethnic cleansing and race crimes, “yet they have the chutzpah to attack us.”

To back up his claims, renowned hater and Holocaust denier David Duke posted his support of Black on the Stormfront site.

“We know that your vision is one of mutual respect and freedom for all peoples including our own,” Duke said in his pro-Black testimonial, pointing out Stormfront provided a voice on the web for millions. “I know the vicious lies you endure from the masters of the lie…We know who the real purveyors are of violence and war and human destruction. We know who the ultimate racists and oppressors are.”

Photo Credit: SPLC

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