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Tea Party Ranter Praises Bundy Ranch Patriots, Calls for Revolutionaries to Overthrow Obama

Last year, Larry Klayman demanded that his much-hyped, but little-attended Tea Party rally at the White House was the beginning of the Second American Revolution. Now he claims it is time for American patriots to act again and rid the nation of the “fraudulently elected president who primarily favors socialists, atheists, Muslims and others from the far left and, as a self-proclaimed king, does not represent all Americans as he promised when elected.”

“So where do we go from here?” the Tea Party gadfly and frequent litigator asked, calling on his fellow Tea Party activists to capitalize on the success of the Bundy Ranch affair. “If the events in Nevada over the last week or so are any indication, where brave patriots, exercising their Second Amendment rights, stood down the tyranny of Obama’s Bureau of Land Management on behalf of the Bundy family and their cattle ranch, then indeed full-scale revolution is now in full swing in both the courts and through armed men on horseback.”

Praising the Bundy protesters for forcing the government to throw in the towel, he preached that it is now the time for others to take up the fight with the Bundy militia men and fight to restore America to the American people.

“We the People will not stand by and submit to this modern-day despotism,” he declared in a WorldNetDaily editorial. “Before these government goons do come back, let this message go forth. Barack Hussein Obama, Harry Reid and the gutless Republican establishment leaders in Congress who roll over to and further this continued government tyranny, We the People have now risen up and we intend to remove you legally from office.”

He concluded by stressing that the mustered anti-Obama revolutionaries will be willing to do whatever it takes, including the use of armed resistance, to take back a nation at the hands of a tyrant. “This country belongs to us, not you. This land is our land! And, we will fight you will all legal means, including exercising our legitimate Second Amendment rights of self-defense, to end your tyranny and restore freedom to our shores!”

While this is not the first time Klayman has called for an revolutionary uprising in America, so far his inciteful language has failed to find widespread support even among his right-wing constituents. In a rally held in November, Klaymen expected millions to show up for an event he claimed was the start of the Second American Revolution. Only one hundred showed up.

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