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Ted Cruz’s Dad Tells New Lie: ‘Pastors are Being Fined in San Antonio for Preaching the Word’

Last November, Ted Cruz’s dad told a group of pastors that it was time to give up ‘political correctness’ and preach the ‘real word’ of the Bible, even the parts that liberals do not want to be heard.

In his homophobic-laced caution to the clergy, Rafael Cruz then instructed the gathering of Christian leaders that if they did not stand up for their faith, God had warned him that preaching would soon be a crime.

“After this homosexual marriage law gets passed, do you know what the next thing that is coming very soon is? … Hate speech,” Cruz demanded. “You preach Romans chapter one in your church, you’re going to be called before a court for hate speech.”

Now, Cruz demands his prophetic vision has come true in Texas. During a radio interview with extremist pastor Rick Scarborough, Cruz falsely claimed that in San Antonio, the anti-discrimination measure recently put in place by lawmakers really meant that pastors were being censored and even fined for their sermons.

“All we have to do is turn on the news and every day we see more and more encroachment upon pastors from this administration,” Cruz said. “All they have to do is be aware of what’s happening around us and to be aware, for example, that in the city of San Antonio, if a pastor speaks on Romans 1, he could be even fined $500 a day until he retracts what he said.”

In truth, no pastor in San Antonio has faced sanctions due to the city ordinance that added gender identity and sexual orientation to its anti-discrimination clause. That fact, though, did not stop host Scarborough from chiming in to support Cruz’s concerns for the pastors ability to preach the Word of God.

Noting that the “lesbian mayor of Houston” wants very much to push her pro-gay agenda, Scarborough warned Houston will soon join San Antonio’s persecution of Christians and impose similar “sanctions [on those] that preach the Bible.”

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  • Rory

    Like father like son…Remember..The bible speaks of homosexuality..and other sins…The biggest one Thy shall not judge.Lets not talk about cast the first stone because that anti-discriminating……So !!!! Treat people the way you want to be treated. The bible shows alot more people getting killed for lying in the name of GOD then any being GAY.In fact the first gay was a angle…He wanted LOT’S sons…Am just stating Truth.Why do he think he got what it take…to change or fix anything.Fix you….Cruz’s!

  • Andrew Pogue

    i guess that “Thou shalt not lie” thing is just out the window.

  • diablodejalisco

    when your sermon is a hate speech, you need to be silenced. the apple does not fall far from the tree. ted cruz is a terrible candidate to represent texans.

  • Cat Lover

    The acorn did not fall far from the tree.

  • Goforride

    Oh the bright side, all this means Cruz isn’t going anywhere as far as running for president.

    I wonder if he has FINALLY renounced his Canadian citizenship.

    Anybody heard?

  • Rhonda Hole

    Just can’t out hate someone hatin’ for Jesus!

  • diablodejalisco

    i think this guy fell out of the clown car. what a joke he is.

  • Larry Hall

    What if we just prosecuted lying scumbags like Cruz instead?

  • realaveragejoe

    The gay mafia keeps blabbering about hate speech. There should be no restrictions in America on speech short of threatening someone. If a person wants to say something hateful, they have that right and that speech is protected under the Constitution. So get over yourselves. People say hateful things every day. It is simply a fact of life and I support a person’s right to speak what they want. Every American should support all, non-threatening speech.

    Having said that, nothing in Cruz’s remarks were hateful.