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Bryan Fischer’s Latest Rant: ‘Jesus Doesn’t Want Us to Help Divorced People’

Recently, American Family Association’s Bryan Fischer made waves when he declared that poor people should be throwing ticker-tape parades in gratitude for the rich of America since it is the 1 percent that are footing the bill for all those food stamps and welfare benefits.

Now the divisive radio host has struck again, this time declaring that Jesus doesn’t want Christians to help divorced people.

On Monday’s radio show, Fischer took a call from a listener who was concerned about the Christian response to a friend’s divorce. According to him, despite that fact that the wife was the one who filed for divorce and was suspected of adultery, several of his Christian ‘brothers and sisters’ showed up in court to support the woman in the divorce proceedings.

In response to the friend’s concerns, Fischer, who had no idea the particulars of this woman’s case, said that Jesus has made it “very clear” that aiding someone in a divorce is wrong and quoted Mark 10:9 which reads, “What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder.”

Based on that passage, Fischer concluded that Jesus, who is also depicted in the New Testament standing up on behalf of a suspected adulteress and drinking water with a woman married five times, instructed his followers that you should never, ever help those involved in a divorce.

“We shouldn’t be anywhere around that,” Fischer said. “We shouldn’t give help, any kind of help – especially testifying in court – we shouldn’t give help to the individual that wants to break up what God has joined together.”

He then concluded by stressing that providing “any kind of aid or comfort or help to a person who wants to break up a marriage” was just plain wrong and helping those going through a challenging and emotional time in their lives clearly conflicts “with the teaching of Jesus Christ himself.”

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