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Ann Coulter: Liberals Might Oppose ‘Abstract Rape’, But They are All For Actual Rapists

Ann Coulter is angry that five men, widely believed to have been wrongly convicted of rape in 1989, have been set free and are now seeking a settlement for time spent in jail.

The sensational case of the Central Park Five started when a young jogger was found, near-death in Central Park in New York City. Although the victim did survive, she was never able to identify her attackers.

In the meantime, police collared five teenage boys who had been in the park that night and somehow managed to get a confession out of them despite the fact that, as overwhelming evidence has now shown, they never committed the crime at all.

The New York Times pointed out the boys were a victim of both their race and their circumstances. Not exactly choir boys, they may well have been up to no good in the park that night. “They were also the wrong color and the right suspects; the jogger was the perfect color and the right victim,” Times writer Manohla Dergis stressed.

Ann Coulter, though, thinks that the only reason that the men are now free is that it is part of a left-wing conspiracy.

“Liberals are opposed to rape in the abstract, but when it comes to actual rapists, they’re all for them.” Coulter wrote about the Central Park Five case. suggesting that the left-wing had conspired with serial rapist Matias Reyes to get a confession and create a legacy for the aging Manhattan DA.

She pointed out that the Manhattan district attorney dumped on the cops for “screwing up the investigation” but then would not let them interview Reyes and instead transferred the hardened criminal to a cushier cell to serve out his time.

Then, the liberal media jumped in the on conspiracy, according to Coulter.

“The media proclaim those five rapists innocent based on their own over-excited reports that the DNA found on the jogger matched that of Reyes, but none of the others!,” Coulter said, adding the DNA mismatch was nothing new. “Yeah, we knew that. It was always known that semen on the jogger did not match any of the defendants.”

She further demanded that the liberals were making the conspiracy worse by encouraging the men to seek settlements that could cost millions in payouts.

“[Current New York City mayor] de Blasio wants to hold down our legs while the Central Park Five rape us, again,” Coulter outrageously ranted, insisting that instead of getting a settlement, the men should be still locked up for the crime she insists, they still committed.


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  • Kato

    Ann Coulter so what if that slut is mad

  • Ann Marie Brown

    This biotch Ann Coulter is crazy and out of her mind, why should these five remain in jail for something they didn’t do?? DNA proved they didn’t commit rape and yes they should be compensated for the time that was spent in jail, I am so sick of this crazy biotech Ann Coulter go have a DAM seat.

  • Peter Castle

    Assuming her “facts” to be true, Coulter marred an otherwise
    exemplary column on the rapists of the Central Park jogger by invoking the Rape Card yet again. Coulter concluded with these words: “But now de Blasio wants to hold down our legs while the ‘Central Park Five’ rape us, again.” One month earlier, at CPAC, Coulter charged immigrants with rape, exclaiming: “You’re raping me!”

    When did the “Central Park Five” rape Ann, how is de Blasio raping her again, and how are immigrants now raping Coulter? [Let’s be clear: only one person was raped and it was not Coulter!]

    Coulter, the consummate wordsmith, should know better!
    Lacking sense and sensibilities, Coulter – again! – diminishes and
    trivializes the reality of actual rape.

    Astonishingly, her column (and a large section in in her book) describes the 1989 rape in question, yet Coulter is inured to the
    reality of what she describes.

    As brilliant as Coulter can be, she lacks sound judgment, which is one of many reasons why we should Never Trust Ann Coulter – at ANY Age, at http://www.coulterwatch.com/never.pdf.