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Liberty Institute Faux-Scandal: ‘They Took My Child’s Bible Away at School!’

A conservative watchdog group is crying foul after they claim a second grader had her Bible taken away from her during a silent reading period at her school. The trouble is, according to the school’s principal, the incident did not happen at all.

The school district where the alleged incident occurred actually did not even hear about the Bible snatching until it appeared in a media report.

As it turns out, the child’s parents never complained to the principal or the school district at all. Instead, they went directly to the Liberty Institute, who promptly turned the incident to their latest proof of the war on Christianity in the public schools.

Michael Berry, senior counsel with the Liberty Institute, said that the parents in the case want to remain anonymous to avoid retaliation. He also said he has no idea why the school would take away a child’s Bible when the school keeps copies in the library.

“So if it’s appropriate for their own library, why on Earth would it not be appropriate for their own students?” Berry questioned.

The school district has pointed out that Berry’s question is exactly their point and they never said the Bible was not okay to read. They also stressed that they would not take away a Bible from a student during “read to myself” period since the only requirements for the books read during that time is that they are age-appropriate and “just right” meaning the kids can understand most of the words, comprehend the paragraphs and it meets the genre being taught.

To reinforce the issue, they plan on holding a staff meeting with all teachers in the district to let them know that children are permitted to read the Bible during silent reading periods at school.

In the meantime, Liberty Institute continues to insist that the child’s rights have been violated, despite the fact, like many of its previous ‘war on Christianity’ claims, this one may well turn out to be unable to withstand public scrutiny.

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  • gskorich

    I’m confused, did the 2nd grader come home and tell them the bible was taken from her?

    • Tamar Auber

      The family is not saying how they found out or giving any details…

  • diablodejalisco

    thats a good thing. school is no place for a bible.

  • Lighthorse51

    Which issues are you hawks on, just the ones that make the conservatives look dumb? I don’t see any corruption or ethics problems for liberals in your publication. Do you, like other main stream publications only present the George Soros point of view?

    • Kyle Sexton

      The conservatives aren’t looking dumb here. The author is just trying to make them look that way. Two things going on here, 1 is that the parents said why waste time with a principle who isn’t going to do shit, and went to the lawyers, then the other option is that it’s not a conservative family it’s a liberal plant. And this whole thing is to cause controversy.

      • SharkyJew

        A liberal plant really? Do you have any evidence of liberals planting small children in schools to complain about not being able to read the Bible to make conservatives ‘look bad’? Go back and read WND with your conspiracy theories..

    • Kyle Sexton

      Sorry I thought this news outlet was remotely credible from the headlines they are completely off base. I’m sure they will quickly be sued for liable.