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GOP Lawmaker Heckled on NH House Floor For Claiming Women Deserve Less Pay, Lazier

During a New Hampshire state House debate on Wednesday, Republican lawmaker Will Infantine raised the ire of his colleagues when he argued that women deserve less pay and are lazier.

“Men, by and large, make more because some of the things that they do,” he told his fellow lawmakers. “Their jobs are, by and large, riskier. They don’t mind working nights and weekends. They don’t mind working overtime or outdoors.”

Unfortunately for Infantine, his comments did not sit well with fellow state lawmakers who began to loudly object to his biased remarks and heckle him on the House floor.

“It’s not me!” Infantine then shouted above the din of his discontented colleagues.”I don’t make this stuff up.”

Continuing on, he demanded his opinion actually was backed up by the Bureau of Labor and Statistics facts. “Men work five or six hours longer a week than women do,” he demanded. “When it comes to women and men who own businesses… women make half of what men do because of flexibility of work, men are more motivated by money than women are.”

At that point Infantine was once again heckled by fellow members of the House, who clearly were not buying his argument or his views on women.

“Guys! I’m not making this stuff up,” the Republican repeated, pleading with them to see his point.

He then half-heartedly added, “My apologies if I have some people upset.”

In response to his remarks, Zandra Rice Hawkins, executive director of Granite State Progress, called Infantine’s speech a perfect example of the outmoded thinking that is hurting American politics today.

“Comments like these only serve to remind us of the outdated thinking that has allowed paycheck inequity to exist in the workplace for way too long,” Hawkins said, criticizing the lawmaker.

Infantine’s remarks also did not seem to have swayed many lawmakers. The Paycheck Equity Act passed the New Hampshire House 187-134.

Photo Credit: Screen shot/Granite State Progress



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