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Pat Robertson Compares Islam to Nazism, Warns Islamist-Atheist Takeover Will Destroy America

During today’s 700 Club, which coincided with Holocaust Remembrance Day, aging televangelist Pat Robertson compared the intolerant and hateful Nazi regime that led to the death of millions of Jews and others to the entire Islamic faith.

During the Bring It On segment during the broadcast, a viewer asked the television pastor, “As a follower of Christ, don’t I have an obligation to turn the other cheek and accept my enemies mocking and rebuking me? Isn’t the rise of Islam just another test for us [Christians]?”

In response, Robertson told the viewer that if someone strikes you in the face, you can choose to turn the other cheek, but the rise of Islam was an assault on the entire Christian world, so it cannot be handled with gentleness and tolerance but must be wiped out.

“What we’re looking at is a world system like the Nazis, and the Nazis thought of themselves as a religion, Communism thought of itself as a religion, but all have a concept of world domination that they’re going to put people in a bind and at the same time take them away from Jesus,” Robertson said, adding the only way to remedy such hate is through the spread of the Gospel, “the greatest weapon against that kind of thing.”

A regular at Muslim bashing, his comments today echo a similar rant last week, when Robertson warned that the  “nonsense about separation of church and state” had gotten out of hand, and has allowed an Islamist-atheist takeover of America.

“We were founded with Christian principles, we have the cross on the flag,” Robertson said, encouraging people to recapture America for the Christian faith.

He also informed his audience that these non-Christian extremists have infiltrated the highest levels of government.

“There are people representing the Muslim Brotherhood who are in the highest councils of the security apparatus of the United States of America advising our leaders as to how to deal with terrorism,” he stressed, underscoring the urgency of the Muslim ‘problem.’

“We’re under assault by militant Islamists, militant atheists, secularists, those who want to destroy all of the fabric of faith in our society.”


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