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Tea Party Rant: Muslim Americans are Launching a ‘Secret Jihad,’ But Jesus is On Our Side

Islamophobia has a new poster child-former chairwoman of the Texas GOP Cathie Adams.

This week, the Tea Party leader warned her fellow conservatives that Muslim-Americans are a warring people and are waging a “stealth jihad” in America.

During her hate-riddled rant to the Texas Patriots Tea Party last week, the conservative activist wove a complex conspiracy theory demanding that the government has been infiltrated and undermined by a “warring” religion with the sole purpose of creating a worldwide Islamic state where sharia law will rule supreme.

To meet this end, according to Adams, Muslim-Americans have launched a massive campaign to trick people into thinking they are not terrorists, but a peaceful and legitimate religion after all.

“Political leaders are being manipulated and Muslim forces are using the schools to indoctrinate young people,” Adams said, providing no real proof to back up her fantastic and hateful claims. “Even some churches are being taken in,” she added with a sense of urgency, demanding that some pastors have even given over their pulpits to Muslim-Americans and allowed them to speak.

She also stressed that some Muslim-Americans have even had the nerve to claim that the Christian God and Allah were one and the same.

“They say ‘We worship the same God,'” Adams said, “No we do not!”

Adams then explained that, according to her unique and bigoted stance on Muslim theology, “Their prophet is dead and buried in the grave, and he did not rise on Easter….Ultimately their god is represented by a black stone,” adding that if you really must be nice to a Muslim “be kind with the gospel,” since ultimately it is Jesus that will save America from the stealthy Muslim forces.

“He is still on his throne and he will overcome and we will be victorious,” Adams preached, noting with Jesus on her side, “I am not discouraged” even though,”We’ve got trouble brewing” because of all those Muslim-Americans trying to claim America for Islam and sharia law.

Photo Credit: Cleburne Times Review

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