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Fox News Host: Does Obama Have a ‘Manhood Problem’ Forcing Him to be Soft on Terror?

On Monday, Fox News Host Brian Kilmeade asked former Department of Justice Legal Counsel John Yoo if Obama had a ‘manhood’ problem that was forcing him to be soft of terror.

During the Fox & Friends segment, the former Bush administration lawyer was first asked by Kilmeade to respond to accusations made by NBC host David Gregory that the Bush administration had failed to develop a sustainable plan to deal with terrorism in the long-term.

In response, Yoo said, “It’s like saying firefighters are responsible for fire, or during the Cold War, it was our fault and not the Soviet’s fault,” pointing out that the Bush had aggressively acted to invade Afghanistan and stop terror after 9/11.

Pro-torture Yoo continued by saying the current administration has failed to keep up the momentum in the war efforts and is actually undoing the work done by Bush.

“I worry that this administration has let its foot off the gas pedal in the war on terrorism, and is actually allowing al Qaeda to rebound,” Yoo stressed. “I think now… what’s going on is that we are withdrawing from Iraq, we are withdrawing from Afghanistan, we are allowing Islamic extremists to get back into power, and restore the network that we spent so much time destroying.”

Using a baseball reference, he then said he is worried Obama is “standing there at the plate and watching third strikes go by.”

In response, Kilmeade wondered if perhaps Obama was just not manly enough for the job.

“Is there a manhood problem as David Brooks brought up as this president is perceived in the Middle East?” Kilmeade asked Yoo.

Far more diplomatic Yoo countered that he did not know if it was a ‘manhood’ problem, but he did know that the Obama’s failure to act could have serious consequences.

“American withdrawal from the world is going to have terrible costs on the world and on the United States,” Yoo told Kilmeade, encouraging America to take a much more aggressive stance on terror.


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