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Right-Wing Rant: UFO’s are Satan’s Way of Letting Us Know the End is Near

On Saturday, End Times author Mark Hitchcock  unlocked the mystery of UFO sightings. As it turns, out, they are truly demonic forces whipping around the stratosphere circling the earth in preparation for the End Times.

During right-wing broadcaster Jan Markell’s show this weekend, Hitchcock told the host that the 5 percent UFO sightings that cannot be explained are actually “demonic forces that are passing themselves off as some kind of extraterrestrial beings to draw and distract people’s attention away from God.”

The author continued by adding, “I think it’s very possible that these kinds of things also could be setting people up for various kinds of delusion in the End Times.”

He also said that disguising the demons as UFO’s may just be another one of Satan’s tricks to distract people away from God and encourage them to believe in aliens and other things not sanctioned in the Bible. “Demonic materialization disguised as UFOs or extraterrestrials or whatever that may be I think is just another one of Satan’s tactics, especially as we draw nearer to the End Times to deceive and delude and frighten and confuse and mislead people. I really believe that’s going to maybe even be heightened as the End Times draw near.”

Over the weekend of wacko warnings, host Markell also warned that it was not only demonic UFO sightings that were forcing people’s eyes away from their salvation as the End Time draws near. The radio host and director of Olive Tree Ministries, who is convinced that Barack Obama is truly a front man to help bring Nazism into America, warned that a popular exercise program could also lead to America’s demise.

Citing the fact that Obama, like Hitler, is pro-socialized medicine and is seeking to trample the Christian faith in schools, she told a group of conference goers that yoga will pave the way for Nazism’s triumph. Pointing out Hitler was into mysticism because “he knew it would crumble the Christian faith,” she stressed  that today progressive churches are destroying the church from within by encouraging yoga, labyrinths and contemplative prayer, which will only serve to drive people away from the true faith and let Nazism take control of the nation.

Photo Credit: UFO? by Mich de Mey

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