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Texas Teen Brings AK-47 to School, Threatens to Shoot if Demands are Not Met

A Texas teen is in jail after he brought an arsenal of guns to school and threatened to open fire if his demands were not met.

The 17-year-old student had run away from home and his parents had come to the school to talk to the boy. While there, they asked that school officials search his backpack.

Inside, they found an AK-47, a handgun, a knife and additional magazines. A third gun was found hidden in the bathroom.

The teen then admitted that he planned to make demands over the intercom on that day and according to a spokesperson for the school district,  “if the demands were not met, he had planned on committing violence.”

Aubrey Chancellor, the school’s spokesperson, also said that “it seems at this point that the guns came from the student’s home.”

After the guns were found, the school was placed on lockdown for little over an hour on Monday morning. After the building was secured, classes resumed.

Chancellor said while she understood parents were upset, she advised them to stay away from the school.

“It’s certainly upsetting to receive one of those messages and parents instincts, of course, is to go get their child,” she said. “But police are there and they need to be able to do their job as efficiently as possible with as few distractions, which is why we ask parents to remain calm and know their children are safe but to not go to the school.”

She also said that, at this time, she does not think that the incident is connected to an anonymous threat of a school shooting received last week via e-mail. That attack was supposed to occur on Thursday and authorities do not believe it was a credible threat.

Still, parents were clearly shaken by the latest incident and think authorities should take a better look at the e-mailed threat in connection to this case.

“Sure they’re going to say they’re going to do it one day, but they’re really not going to do it, and I feel that today was the day,” Kim Hunt, who chose to pick up her daughter from the school after learning about the attack on Monday.

Through tears, her daughter said just how scary the gun threat was. “It was just crazy,” Katie said, recalling the lockdown and frightened students. “You couldn’t believe it happened.”

Photo Credit: Bob Owens/San Antonio Express-News

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