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Rafael Cruz: Obama is Using Social Justice to Make Immigrants Dependent and Vote for Him

Rafael Cruz, the always outspoken father of Texas Senator Ted Cruz, is at it again, this time mocking new immigrants to the country and accusing President Obama of creating a dependent society just so he can get votes.

In a radio interview yesterday with Boston radio host and Washington Times columnist Jeffrey Kuhner, the host asked the senior Cruz if immigrants were different today then when Cruz himself made the journey from Cuba to America since, according to Kuhner, Cruz is a “red-blooded American,” while today’s immigrants “hang on to their ethnic identity” and “don’t seem to be as grateful or as appreciative of all the benefits and opportunities and freedoms that we have here.”

Cruz responded by agreeing with the host and saying that indeed there had been a change in immigrants over the years, but it was because the administration currently promotes “hyphenated Americans” and has an unholy obsession with “social justice.”

He then explained while social justice sounds like a good thing it is truly collectivism. “It is the rights of the group, and it denies individual responsibility,” Cruz stressed, adding that by having all these hyphenated groups and even letting women be a separate group, “it is a divide and conquer concept.”

He also insisted by letting these groups be hyphenated Americans, Obama is truly trying to keep immigrants and other groups under his thumb.

“One of the things that this administration has been doing is look at each one of those so-called groups as the victims of society and pushing them into a dependent status so that they can keep them under their thumb,” the elder Cruz theorized. “The whole concept is if they can create a vast, dependent society upon government, then they feel they have a permanent voting base to maintain them in power.”

He concluded by saying that he did not want to talk about hyphenated Americans or the disparities in income or opportunities of certain segments of American society that made them into ‘victims.’

“We don’t need to be talking about hyphenated Americans, because we are all Americans and we all want the same thing,” Cruz stressed.


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