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Alan Keyes: Genocidal, Baby-Killing Obama is Using His Race as a ‘Magic Cloak’

Right-wing pundit and 2008 Presidential candidate Alan Keyes used the National Day of Prayer to attack Barack Obama and his “genocidal” ways and ask God to help oust Obama-backers from both parties out of public office.

In an opinion piece published in World Net Daily, Keyes insisted that Obama has emerged as the front man for a genocidal attack on the black community through the promotion of his abortion agenda.

“Throughout his career, Obama has shilled for this genocidal movement with fanatical zeal,” Keyes claimed, adding that support for Obama’s abortion politics extends even to so-called “conservatives” who have the nerve to suggest that “defending the God-endowed unalienable right to life, and the rights of the natural family, is divisive and politically harmful.”

He then accused Obama and his allies of hiding behind Obama’s race to push their baby-killing objective on the African-American community.

“They pretend that Obama’s black skin is some kind of magic cloak that prevents the nation from interfering with his systematic nullification of the Supreme Law of the Land,” Keyes wrote. “Thus slyly they manipulate the nation’s conscience with respect to racial injustice to make cowards of us all, during the very time when the paralysis induced by that cowardice will assure the success of the elitist faction’s bid to end our liberty (i.e., right-securing constitutional self-government).”

Keyes, who admitted his over-the-top views, including claiming blacks are worse off now than under slavery, has made him persona non grata even among the GOP, then concluded his op-ed by asking God to deliver the nation from Obama and his supporters, both liberals and conservatives alike.

“I pray that God will open the eyes, encourage the spirit and enlighten the mind of the American people so that they will recognize and reject the ‘leaders’ complicit in this assault on righteous liberty, whatever party label they wear,” he prayed. “And so that they remember, instead, that God has provided the only leadership we need, dwelling in every heart that has accepted the word by which He fulfills His promise of salvation.”

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