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At the Bundy Ranch: Radio Show Host Blames Media, Feds for Making Bundy Out as a Racist

Extreme right-wing radio show host Pete Santilli thinks that the media is conspiring with the Bureau of Land Management to take down Bundy Ranch supporters by hijacking a recent press conference at the ranch and “injecting race and dividing us.”

During a Friday press conference, Cliven Bundy attempted to explain to the media how his recent statement demanding that the black community was better under slavery was not actually intended to be racist, it was just  misunderstood.

While his supporters in the audience cheered him on, though, not all reporters bought into Bundy’s claim and one local reporter, Antonio Castelan, questioned Bundy on his remarks.

Apparently convinced that the Castalan’s line of questioning was biased and likely motivated by some media-BLM conspiracy to make the “God-fearing man” Bundy into a racist, Santilli, who has been broadcasting from the ranch the last few weeks,  accosted the reporter in a videotaped confrontation following the press event.

“Who do you work for?” Santilli demanded of Castelan who responded he worked for Channel 3 News. He then asked if Castelan worked “for the American people or another entity.”

The situation quickly escalated when Castelan admitted to Santilli that as a Mexican-American  he thought that Bundy’s statements about slavery were about race, leading to jeers and heckles from Bundy supporters all around him.

“As a Mexican-American you should know that we’re defending your rights, and you’re working for the state-run media, and you should know that, especially by the bias in the line of your questioning,” Santilli yelled as Castelan walked away trying to avoid further confrontation with the radio host and Bundy supporters. “You’re not serving the American public and you do not deserve even First Amendment constitutional rights, sir!”

After the hostile caught-on-tape confrontation, Santilli spoke out about his views about Bundy, saying he thought “Bundy had one racist bone in his body,” that he would not be associated with him and his cause. He also accused Glenn Beck of helping to start a “race war” by misquoting Bundy and his intentions during his broadcasts.
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