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Bryan Fischer: Obama is a Spiritual Leper

America Family Association’s Brian Fischer has a history of outlandish Obama statements, including declaring that while Obama is not THE anti-Christ, he certainly is an anti-Christ and “the spirit of the Antichrist is at work in him.” Now, he has compared the President to the Bible’s most reviled – lepers.

The conversation was actually started by a caller to his radio show who insisted that “the problem with Obama is that he has leprosy” and “he’s infecting everybody that he touches just as the lepers did.”

The caller then stated that the President’s leprosy was a result of sin and since leprosy could only be cured through turning to Jesus Christ, Obama’s leprosy would only get worse and “soon start to show.” He added when it did start to show the President would “turn into a white man and it isn’t Caucasian, he’s fraught with leprosy.”

Admittedly puzzled by the caller’s seeming incidence that Obama’s leprosy was an actual physical condition curable only by God (especially since today leprosy is readily treated with antibiotics), Fischer asked the man, “You are talking about what you believe is a  physical condition?”

The man responded, yes, he was certain Obama would soon show physical signs of leprosy although he admitted he never saw the signs of Obama’s actual leprosy first-hand.

In response, Fischer told the man that while he did not think the President has physical leprosy, that the President’s world view has, in fact, made him spiritually diseased and toxic to others. He also said that he believes the President has infected others with his ‘spiritual leprosy’ by encouraging others to believe his anti-Christian, anti-life views.

“There is something cancerous there that’s eating away at him,” Fischer then told the caller. “because of the position he occupies, it’s eating away at our body politic.”


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