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Fox News Host: Wives Who Earn More Then Men Disrespect Their Hubby’s Inner Caveman

This weekend, Fox News Host Clayton Morris pondered if women who earned more money then their husbands were hurting man’s inner caveman and leading to the rise of trophy husbands.

A recent study by the Pew Research Center found that in 24 percent of all households, women are now the primary breadwinner. This concerned Morris, who wondered if this might be causing a problem for men’s biological need to be the alpha in the home.

“Are female breadwinners a problem?” he asked during a segment of Fox & Friends dubbed ‘Alpha Women’. “Is there a problem with men earning less in the household, and do you think that it could cause big marital problems?”

Morris then continued by stating that in addition to going against conventional roles of men and women, he thought that it might be a biological issue, related to man’s inner caveman.

“Isn’t there some sort of biological, innate need for me to be the caveman?” Morris grunted. “Go out and bring home the dinner. Is it emasculating if we don’t do it?”

Kris Schoels of YoungMarriedChic.com then chimed in to say that she agreed that traditional gender roles are being followed less and less in today’s society and as a result “problems can arise,”  especially since women feel like they want to be taken care of and denying men that chance to care for their wives can be emasculating.

Turning to Miss New York USA 2013 Joanne Nosuchinsky, Morris then repeated the same question, demanding once again, “Is there a biological need for the man to take care of the women here?”

Nosuchinsky stood her ground and responded that “you can be the head of the household without being the one that makes the most money” and encouraged women to marry men who did not have such insecurities.

Clearly not getting the answer he was seeking, Morris then asked his guest  if a man is at home doing the laundry,wouldn’t a woman lose respect for someone doing that ‘stuff that doesn’t matter’ when she was bringing home the cash?

Jumping into the conversation and bringing it to a merciful end, Kwame Foster of Fox Business finally stressed that supporting each other, not the amount of your paycheck, is what matters the most in any relationship.

“I am prepared to be a trophy husband,” Foster said, pointing out that his very successful wife may soon earn more than him. He added the key to their relationship was being part of one another’s success and understanding “money isn’t everything.”

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  • Rory

    Only on FOX how about putting on the table equal amount and put the rest in to saving .Why not live on enough money that if one leaves you don’t lose everything. But bet anything that the problem is when a woman love a man that can’t bring the same or more to the table he still feels the need to step outside his marriage.With that said that man will get dropped real fast.Only to relize that that once bigger income that now stand alone is not enough to raise a family of three.So she takes him back and treat him like shi!.The end….

  • enkelin

    Caveman = Fox News. Enough said.

  • diablodejalisco

    only if you are an insecure person, which i assume you are.

  • Kathi Geukes

    The fact that you work at Faux Noise tells me that no respectable news organization would have you…nuff said as far as “wifey” goes….if she thinks you’re a catch, she set her sights way toooo low….or she’s uglier than sin!!!!!

  • Guest
  • MSB_Concerned_Citizen

    Why is it if a man is doing the laundry it is emasculating, but a woman is supposed to go to work, come home and take care of the children, the house, applaud them if they managed to do anything around the house because we must feed their egos, make sure these guys go to the doctor because apparently they can’t make a doctor appointment for themselves and yet, get slammed if we make more money than the guys do. How about they start bringing a little something to the plate instead of sitting on the couch with the remote in their hand demanding the big piece of chicken.

  • R4d Troll J3gus

    how is humoring your ‘inner caveman’ a good thing?