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Pat Robertson to Woman Hurt by Hubby: ‘You Have the Discernment of a Slug’

Aging televangelist Pat Robertson put on his marriage counselor hat on yet again today, when he advised a woman that she should have somehow known her husband was not really a born-again Christian, even when he acted like one prior to marriage.

Writing into the 700 Club, a woman named Patty told Robertson that she thought she had married a man who was a born-again believer but later learned she had been deceived.

“In the 7 years we have been together he has had 4 DUIs, been convicted of receiving stolen property, and recently deceived a ministry out of $15,000,” Patty wrote of her husband. “Am I morally bound to this marriage?”

Failing to acknowledge that the trickster had also bilked an entire ministry out of serious cash, Robertson then laid the blame clearly at the duped woman’s feet.

“You must have been crazy or you must have been blinded to get into [that] relationship,” Robertson told the viewer. “He  ‘quote’  presented himself [as a born again Christian]. I mean, give me a break. You got about the discernment of a slug.”

He then told her while she may have the mental capacity of a garden bug, the good news was she was under no obligation to stay with the man. “Can you get out of it? I think so,” he told Patty. “I think fraud in the inducement, that marriage should never have happened.”

Unbelievably, Robertson has a regular habit of blaming women for problems in their marriages. A few weeks ago, he told a man that if his wife did not want to have sex, it was okay to get a divorce since she was probably molested.

Then last December, he offered this sage advice to a woman, whose previous marriages had failed and whose current husband refused to work and pay the bills. “You’ve got a serious problem,” television preacher told Melody. “And I don’t think marriage is for you. You have picked a selection of losers. There’s something in your character that draws you to these men who are indigent or abusive. You don’t need to get married again.”

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  • kadyriath

    The woman’s husband sounds like a typical born again Christian to me

    • diablodejalisco

      to me also.

  • diablodejalisco

    its really hard to believe people would listen to this guy but there are some really weak minded people in the country anymore. this guy is worse than ted cruz s dad. but about the same type. the republican party is full of these types. very dangerous for the country.

  • Cathryn Sykes

    It’s always the woman’s fault. When Eve asked Adam if he would eat of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge, he could have said “No”…but she “tempted” him so it was all her fault even though God himself had told Adam to stay away from that damn tree. I get so tired of this attitude.

  • George O’Hagan

    Let’s see…multiple DUIs, receiving stolen property and stealing money from a “ministry”…sounds like he should have his own church. And HOW STUPID are people who write to this idiot for advice, which I’m sure must also include the required “donation”!!! I’ve said this before..either Mark Twain or Clarence Darrow said… I’ve never wished anyone dead, but there are several obituaries I am looking forward to reading.

  • MSB_Concerned_Citizen

    He is a slug. Of course its the woman’s fault. It always is.

  • Kris

    This guy is a kook! People need to turn him off.

  • soleil2020

    Why do people listen this friggin’ guy, anyway? It’s downright scary how stupid humans can be sometimes.