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Raped at Church? Preacher Does the Unthinkable to 13-Year-Old Trusted into His Care

An Alabama man with a criminal past lured a young girl into a church claiming he was the associate pastor and then sexually assaulted her.

Tyrone Banks offered to watch the 13-year-old so that her mother could attend an event. Once in his care, Banks drove the girl to a local church.

“He had a key to the church and took the victim inside to the kitchen where he sexually assaulted her,” Chief Deputy Randy Christian explained.

After raping her, Banks simply dropped the child back off at her home.

Thankfully, the young girl had the courage to admit what had happened to her in the church kitchen and told her mom. The next day, she and her mother went to police, leading to Banks’ arrest.

According to Lt. Don Edge of the local sheriff’s department, the unnamed church has denied that Banks has ever been an associate pastor at the church, although he does preach upon occasion and is an active participant in the church’s ministry.

The sheriff’s deputy also said what disturbs him the most about this case is that Banks used his position at the church to gain the child’s trust.

“The sexual abuse of a child is not just bad because of the physical trauma, but there is a violation of trust, If someone you trust has violated you as a child, whether it’s a person of position, a family member or a trusted friend, that trust is lost and it has the potential to stay with the child for the rest of his or her life and it’s just a horrible crime on so many levels,” Edge said.

Banks, who denies all wrongdoing is now free after posting $120,000 bail. Edge said although they do not suspect other children were hurt at this time,  additional charges are pending against Banks, who has a previous conviction for robbery.

Photo Credit: Police File Photo

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