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Pat Robertson on Obama’s Climate Change Study: Pro-Global Warming Radicals are Destroying America

On today’s episode of the 700 Club, Pat Robertson railed against a study released by the Obama administration and warned that those who preach about climate change will soon destroy America.

In the just-released report, launched as part of the President’s Climate Action Plan, scientists noted that America’s climate is changing and as a result, “Wildfires start earlier in the spring and continue later into the fall.”

In addition, the study, which was based on the efforts of  300 climate scientists and experts over a three-year period, determined that rainfall is becoming heavier in some areas of the US, drought conditions have worsened in others and water resources and agriculture have been impacted across the country. Further, the scientists concluded that these weather changes are significant enough that they are likely to impact American lives.

According to Pat Robertson, though, all this talk about climate change and troublesome weather patterns by the Obama administration is nothing more than a lot of hoopla and lies aimed at fear mongering and  promoting an “anti-American” socialist agenda.

The television preacher also stressed that all this climate change talk is really just a distraction from the legitimate issues facing the country.

Global warming “is high on the agenda of the radicals who want to destroy America, it isn’t high on the agenda of those who really care about what goes on in life,” Robertson said.

A notorious climate change denier, today’s remarks are not the first time the televangelist has preached climate change is not real.

In January, Robertson advised his audience that man-made climate change could not possibly exist because there are no SUV’s on Jupiter. “It’s getting warmer in Jupiter—and they don’t have any SUVs driving around in Jupiter—it has nothing to do with greenhouse gases it has to do with the action of the sun, there’s either too much sun or not enough sun,” he said, pointing out climate change is really just a way to get more money and powers for liberals.

Then in March, Robertson claimed God threw a weather temper tantrum to get back at Congressmen who launched an all-night discussion of global warming.

“Do you think God has a sense of humor? Well, I think he does,” Robertson said with glee. “Let me tell you what happened. In the United States Capitol, Harry Reid, Barbara Boxer and the Democrats had an all night marathon advancing global warming.”

Robertson then laughed that to get back at the liberal liars God “dropped the temperature 40 degrees [and] sent so much wind that it that it knocked out the lights in the Capitol dome for the first time in years!”

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